Michal Bick of the LA Examiner reviews my book…

Reviewing a ‘Glimpse of Heaven’ by Dr. Glen Hepker


A Five Star Rating

In the healthcare industry, Physicians serve to help patients alleviate/eradicate our illnesses. But what if individuals were able to prevent illness by having healthier internal and external environments? What would the world look like if every person took an active role in his/her own health and wellbeing?

Dr. Glen Hepker, who has doctorates in Psychology and traditional Chinese health arts, explores these types of questions in his book, A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health. He gently advocates the mentality that growth is linear and how self-improvement can help make the world a better place to live in.

Board-certified psychiatrist Mark Lassise, M.D., encourages readers in his Foreward to keep an open mind when going through the book — To consider how medicine, psychology and philosophy can intertwine.

Dr. Hepker suggests “embracing healthful change” by focusing first on one’s internal world. This includes: thought patterns, interactions with others, the friends we prefer, the degree of exercise and nutritious dietary intake, etc. Does a human being feel heavier or lighter as a result of these choices?

With an enhanced awareness of one’s own decision making, a person’s quality of health could be better understood and then hopefully changed for the better. For example, what solution would promote health if heavy feelings arise after spending time with particular people?

Put another way, what steps can a person take to feel lighter? Perhaps by implementing this strategy, a person can make it a daily habit to prefer choices that gravitate towards a healthier and happier life.

He writes:

“Enforcing healthful change and thus a more and more healthful way-of-life is not simply just good for oneself – It is less costly to society and less harmful to the world at large: It makes the world a better place on multiple levels” (42).

By taking responsibility for one’s own health, a person can also encourage others who want to improve their lifestyle.

When considering preventative medicine, the philosophy of this book suggests another way to improve one’s quality of life. By having a new perspective to reflect on, it can very well benefit a person who is committed to personal growth.

For more information, check out Dr. Hepker’s websites:


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15 thoughts on “Michal Bick of the LA Examiner reviews my book…

  1. Wish all health care professionals shared your view of health care.

    Have you considered being a guest on coast to coast am? The show has millions of listeners worldwide. When writers are on the show their websites tend to crash and their sales go up a lot. It wouldn’t hurt to check it out and get your message to millions instead of thousands.

    Just sayin’ 🙂


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