The wonderful spirit of treating life as a living loving art form…

Are there self-improvement and/or health-promoting actions/practices which you fear to do or take part in?

In the spirit of the right thing for the right healthful sake, regularly do a thing that you most fear to do. This may be a bold path to feeling better and better, congruent with a spirit of true health and true responsibility.

In doing so, it is quite likely that one will realize greater levels of objective insight in facing and overcoming one’s fears (inclusive of enhancing one’s critical thinking skills). In this, our evolving insight will allow us to face even greater challenges…readying us for new ‘bold’ adventures.

Here on Earth, splendid blessings can be found in the notion that ‘there is always room for improvement,’ greater and greater levels of deep insight and its practical application (vs. getting ongoingly stuck on stagnant plateaus which can be like a living death). We can choose to live in fear, or we can lovingly and appreciatively embrace a ‘path of heart.’ What may seem dark and scarey, could actually end up being a wonderful adventure…even among those things that we’ve simply been ignoring – things that are commonly right in front of us. In this genuinely splendid spirit, i.e., true health through true responsibility, we can better and better evolve into being truly healthful conduits between Heaven and Earth…maybe even evolve into more and more selfless healthful unintentional role models.

So often we may “feel silly” or fear “looking dumb” in trying something difficult, new, or scarey. For instance, most of my tai chi chuan, chi kung, meditation, and health/wellness students initially were afraid and felt silly – worrying that they’d “look stupid.” Those that stuck with it and worked at it, have added genuinely splendid, healthful, and refined arts into their way of life, a way of life that would never have been realized without that true effort…having exercised their strength and wherewithal toward great ends. It is in the wonderful spirit of treating life as a living loving art form – it is consistent with making the world a better place (and learning to see this as a true responsibility). — Dr. Glen Hepker

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How important is a spirit of empathy and appreciation?

“Glen, what does it mean to be honestly/genuinely spiritual? We all have conflicting feelings and emotions which rarely seem to let us realize a truly deep sense of it as such. How can we be become so real, to enjoy a practical sense of spiritualism, so that we can primarily focus on and deeply appreciate the present (a question from a reader of my book)?”

Response: So quite humbly and respectfully speaking…and speaking herein in a spirit of true empathy and benevolence, it may be found in selflessly endeavoring to do the right thing for the right sake, without the need for selfish recognition or hidden agendas, e.g., Acting Without Acting. It is in the splendidly healthful spirit of working toward true honesty, promoting of true happiness and true freedom…but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind. It is in the altruistically healthful spirit of true appreciation of the miracle of the moment…more and more each moment.

It requires one to embrace one’s comfort and discomfort equally – most difficult in this case, e.g.: It is lifting from our shoulders, lightening ourselves of the most terrible weight of all – lack of forgiveness for ourselves and others. It is treating others with dignity, decency, goodness, and grace – and learning how to truly mean it, No Matter What – inclusive of supporting others in their genuinely healthful goals. It is realizing the genuine import of our true responsibility in making the world a better place – each day. It is becoming a more and more healthful conduit between Heaven and Earth. It is living each day lovingly inspired anew.

What may be the most difficult though, is in learning to take ownership of the notion that there is always room for improvement (embracing healthful change), versus getting stuck on stagnant plateaus, plateaus which can be like a living purgatory, a living death. — Dr. Glen Hepker

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How much does true happiness have to do with inner peace, gratitude, and making the world a better place?

Questions from a reader of my book and blog: “Where can we find happiness? Is it hidden beneath the layers of drama prompted by the ego and even narcissistic tendencies? What is the smoke screen that holds you back from realizing genuine happiness?”

Response: Thanks so much for submitting your questions.

Humbly and respectfully, I believe genuine happiness is found in a deep and abiding spirit of true responsibility in making the world a better place, inclusive of gratitude, and working toward insuring one’s sense of inner peace. It is most fundamentally realized in working toward doing the right thing for the right selfless sake – and learning to not only abbreviate our fear of healthful change, but to genuinely embrace it.

It is much about true honesty, promoting of true freedom, and yes, true happiness – but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind. It is a realization that we are all so much more in the same common boat than we often think and act…consistent with supporting others in their genuinely healthful goals.

In working diligently as such, it more and more becomes a living loving awareness that there are magical sparkling spine-tingling/shivering things going on inside of us and all around us ALL of the time…a deep and abiding spirit of true appreciation of the moment, more and more each moment. If we ignore these moment to moment miracles (every moment being a genuine miracle in and of itself), then it sets up a dark curtain which becomes more and more difficult to look through. It may be coined as a ‘wall of lies,’ which can get thicker and thicker.

Ideally, we must learn to be more and more healthful conduits between Heaven and Earth…QUITE congruent with learning the meaning of true health through true responsibility. One’s life can become more and more and more a living loving art form, vs. getting permanently stuck on stagnant plateaus which can be like a living death – a living purgatory. If there is a Heaven, if there is a ‘key to the universe,’ and yes, True Happiness, they are rooted in True Honesty – learning to look deeply within ourselves and all around into our external environments, without fear or self-loathing…once again, needing less and less to hide behind.

Genuine happiness is a living lightness of being. Please ask yourself…when is the last time you had truly sweet and innocent, loving, sparkling spine-tingling real fun? As a child? Ever? What true joy it is – selfless…light…shared. It is back to The Garden. Oh boy! – Dr. Glen Hepker

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Patty Cakes and the Stolen Ball…is an impeccably written children’s book by J.V. Carr

It is TRULY an honor to write a review for this impeccable work by J.V. Carr. Please know that this is in no way an exaggeration – she truly is an artist/writer of the highest caliber.

J.V. Carr has offered us a work which is irreproachably written…so much so that I (humbly and respectfully) believe it is important to say that she has made the world a better place through her resplendent effort. Through her characters, she weaves a SO quite appealing story – most particularly through her primary character Patty. In witnessing Patty’s challenges we learn many substantive lessons – though at the same time, J.V.’s writing style is light and fun – genuinely so! My two nieces loved the book, and have read it again and again. They find it difficult to put the book down. – Dr Glen Hepker

Here is a description of her genuinely splendid book:  Seven-year-old Patty is a sweet little girl who has lots of stuff people should know about her-like the fact that trouble has become her very good friend. Her twin sister Penny never gets in any trouble, and everybody thinks Patty’s two-year-old sister Emma is a charm. Even Patty’s dog Bones seems to get in less trouble than she does! And oh yeah-her older brother Thomas can be so annoying, especially when he accuses her of stealing his all-time favorite lacrosse ball. Well, pretty soon, the entire family looks and looks for that darn ball, but when they can’t find it, Patty’s brother takes the “issue” of the stolen ball to school the next day. That means war! Even though Patty tries to see happiness in her day, trouble still finds her in more ways than one. And here’s the thing-it’s not nice to blame others for something you didn’t see them do!

Please see her book on Amazon:

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Self Health/Help Book At Its Best!

Dr Glen Hepker:

Thanks so much (to say the least), JV. PLEASE know it so truly means a lot. Brightest of blessings to you and yours! – Glen

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What can I say? I’m blogging about A Glimpse Of Heaven by Dr. Glen Hepker, because I’m impressed with the simplicity and beauty in this eloquently written book that holds a blueprint to improving your life andmine.

First, I have to share the fact that Dr. Hepker possesses the credibility needed to write this categorical type of health and wellness book. He holds doctorate degrees in psychology and health/wellness arts, and has a fascinating biography that can be found onAmazonat his authorpage. I highly recommend taking a look at his compelling lifework and professions.

Dr. Hepker’s ideas and thoughts are very much influenced by The Ancient School of Thought, Ming Chia, which emphasizes taking true responsibility of one’s own health, life and well-being. If you simply take a look at the chapter titles, you can get a good feel for the basic yet brilliant ideas this book…

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This is your tribe – feel it in your trusty gut.

Congruent with the traditions of the Bright Beautiful School of Thought, while diligently and strategically learning to play the part of a less and less blemished witness to the living loving story of one’s life (vs. just being a pawn to the story of one’s life), the resplendent quintessentially consistent Four Keys of Healthful Interaction are:

1. The ‘true responsibility of healthful interaction’ – treating people in one’s worst of moods JUST as well as in one’s best of moods, and figuring out how to TRULY mean it…NO MATTER WHAT. This splendidly healthful way of being is congruent with working toward realization of a deeply benevolent sparkling spine-tingling/shivering spirit of dignity, decency, goodness, and grace – it is in loving harmony with notions of true health through true responsibility.

2. Acting without Acting – doing the right thing for the right sake, without the need for selfish recognition or hidden agendas: Or put more simply, the right thing for the right selfless sake.

3. Realizing we are ALL so much more in the same common boat…not so separate as we so often think and act.

4. The ‘true responsibility of supporting others in their HEALTHFUL goals.’

The ‘four keys’ can be mindfully utilized in innumerable aspects of the human condition, and they can be applied to the notion of ‘thriving vs. just surviving.’ What is a difference between thriving vs. just surviving? Beautiful sparkling seeds of promise are sprinkled in one’s path, but can be missed unless one learns to better and better play the part of an unblemished witness (without expectations/preset patterns of thinking).

To put it another way, there are splendidly magical things going on inside of us, and all around us, ALL of the time. We are either untrained or simply don’t care to witness and appreciate these genuinely wonderful blessings. Albeit, we CAN learn to lovingly and artfully be more and more appreciative, becoming more and more healthful conduits between Heaven and Earth.

How can we make this happen? The clarity one realizes through embracing true forgiveness presents one with opportunities for healing – they come from lightness which greatly impacts darkness. It is congruent with true appreciation, deep and abiding gratitude for learning to better and better take part in the living loving story of one’s life – less and less being stuck on stagnant plateaus which can be like a living death. It is consistent with deeper and deeper insight into the notion that there is a sparkling spine-tingling/shivering ‘true love,’ inclusive, but SO much more than just familial, friendship, and romantic love.

The four keys unlock the door to bringing forth new people into one’s life, those who recognize their true responsibility in making the world a better place…those for whom great success and a selfless/healthful desire to be of service to others go hand-in-hand. This is your tribe. You feel it in your trusty gut. Go to selfless lengths to foster such friendships, and witness the backs of unhealthful entities in one’s life getting smaller and smaller as they run away. — Dr. Glen Hepker

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What is the importance of gratitude in the quality of our health and well-being?

“Glen, it seems that, in my life when I feel the greatest sense of gratitude, it makes me feel best about my day, my life. It seems that, while feeling the wonderful outcome of this insight, I feel more healthy than at any other time. Is this what you mean when you say that true appreciation can be among the most splendid of healing mechanisms?’ What are your thoughts?” (An inquiry from a reader of my blog and book.)

Response: You state your thoughts QUITE well, thanks so VERY much. Humbly and respectfully, it is working toward taking deep and abiding ownership of a WAY OF LIFE in which one gathers a genuinely honest spirit of true appreciation…more and more each moment. What makes this all the more real, is in knowing that among the greatest gifts of all is that there is always room for improvement. It is a significant aspect of taking true responsibility for one’s own health and well-being.

This deep and abiding sense of gratitude greatly enhances the quality of our lives, and is a substantive part of the dynamic in raising ourselves up…embracing true responsibility. It is an important tenet of the Bright School theory, assisting one in realizing greater and greater levels of health and well-being.

This splendidly healthful outlook is distinguished by its remarkable, thought-provoking, and ingenious notion of coalescing ethics, morality, and deeply rooted insight/objectivity skills with conceptions of health and wellness, i.e., True Health and/or True Health through True Responsibility. It sets forth that one cannot realize true health without the necessary and genuinely skilled attributes of true appreciation and true honesty. It is deep insight, morality, clear objectivity – learning the genuine skill of being able to look within and without (into one’s internal and external environments), without fear, without preset patterns of thinking, and/or weight of expectations. AND in addition, it is with the SO healthful spirit of the beautiful and bright light of forgiveness.

A deep, abiding, altruistic, and loving spirit of gratitude is congruent with gathering a level of objective insight that introduces one to the notion of not needing anything to hide behind. Such healthful clarity is a significant aspect of what is humbly described as a ‘glimpse of heaven.’ This healthful way of being cannot be realized without deep gratitude…without gathering a genuine spirit of true appreciation more and more as a way of life – way of being. It is consistent with living each day in a sparkling spine-tingling/shivering fashion in which we are resplendently recharged and inspired anew. — Dr. Glen Hepker (Copyright 2011)

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