The loving warrior…a misnomer? Maybe not.

Laugh, frown, chuckle if you will. Albeit, in these arts the true bona fide traditional notion of the term ‘warrior’ has naught to do with waging violence: The term is making reference to a man or woman who wages an ongoing personal war within – in order to realize greater and greater levels of quintessential knowledge, succinct altruism/selflessness, objective insight, true honor, and deep and abiding dignity, decency, goodness, and grace. Nothing is of greater import – at its best, in the loving spirit of True Appreciation, this is a lifelong struggle in which there is always room for improvement (which unto itself is among the greatest AND least appreciated gifts/blessings of all).
The wars and famines of our spirits are reflected in the wars and famines of the greater world. In these and so many respects, we are all in the same common boat. Until a majority of humankind is raised up or raises themselves up to take True Responsibility for their own health and well-being, the ‘boat’ will always be on the brink of turning over and sinking. Enjoying deep awareness, genuine appreciation, and deft practical application of this notion is a refined skill which is one of the central features of the Bright Beautiful School of Thought (e.g., Ming Chia/Tao Chan).

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