Glen Hepker explores the tools for promotion of True Health: In A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health, he speaks about the ages-old Bright Beautiful School of Thought, explaining how the quality of our lives will be greatly enhanced once we learn to raise ourselves up by taking true responsibility for our own health and wellbeing. In order to begin enjoying the blessings of true health, Hepker says it is important to initiate ownership of the notion of the True Responsibility of Healthful Interaction – displaying dignity, decency, goodness, and grace in our interaction with others, AND figuring out how to truly mean it, No Matter What. He emphasizes the importance of Acting Without Acting – doing the right thing for the right sake without the need for selfish recognition or hidden agendas. He examines the Same Boat Theory, which sets forth that the primary fault of humankind is the notion that you are there and I am here.

Most especially, this health and wellness philosophy is distinguished by its remarkable, thought-provoking, and ingenious notion of coalescing ethics and morality and deeply-rooted insight/objectivity skills with conceptions of health and wellness, i.e., true health and/or true health through true responsibility. It sets forth that one cannot realize true health without the necessary and truly skilled attributes of deep insight, morality, clear objectivity – learning the true skill of being able to look within and without (into one’s internal and external environments), without fear, without preset patterns of thinking. It sets forth the importance of true honesty – gathering a level of objective insight that introduces one to the notion of needing less and less and less to hide behind.

Outlining the benefits of the Bright Beautiful School of Thought, the author guides readers down the path toward True Appreciation of the Miracle of the Moment: Such healthful clarity being a significant aspect in realization of glimpses of heaven, inclusive of benevolent manifestation of (sweet and innocent) bioelectric spine-tingling/shivering sparkling sensations – AT WILL. This is a true skill that can be mastered while curtailing the pernicious weight of habitual cyclical thinking. Hepker sets forth the notion that one of the greatest gifts of all is that there is always room for improvement, versus the living death of stagnant plateaus.

In A Glimpse of Heaven, the author’s words modestly depict a beautiful, altruistic, benevolent, and well-rounded health and wellness philosophical way-of-life – while conveying a powerful message whose purpose is to humbly assist in making the world a better place.

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