How can we learn to ‘connect-the-dots’ between all of the wonderful blessings and gifts we are given?

A question from a reader of my book and blog: “In many of the world’s religions, there is believed to be various types of omnipotent entities who bestow upon us remarkable blessings and also great challenges in our daily lives – challenges which ideally may be set forth in order for us to gain greater insight and beneficial lessons in life. I believe we often go through life without an awareness as such, at least much of the time. What are your thoughts on this?”

Response: Such a splendid commentary, Michael! Thanks so much.

Humbly and respectfully, the more and more we learn to ‘witness’ in a deeply altruistic/unblemished spirit of loving appreciation, the more and more we may be able to ‘connect-the-healthful-dots (in the ages-old traditional arts that I endeavor follow, coined as ‘pattern literacy’).’ As we learn to better and better do so, the more and more we may manifest as healthful ‘conduits’ between and of Heaven (Heaven AND ‘heavens’) and Earth. In these traditions we humbly view it as a significant facet of genuine health and well-being – inclusive of the notion of ‘true health through true responsibility.’ — Dr. Glen Hepker

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