True Honesty – True Magic…

Each moment there are amazing magical things going on within the living story of our lives, in both our external and internal environments, yin to yang – yang to yin. So often we are not trained to be aware of, and/or choose to ignore these miracles, these blessings. These gifts are RIGHT IN FRONT OF US, EVEN WITHIN US, ALL OF THE TIME. Just because so many things don’t seem like miracles because they are so common, they are no less miracles – even the air we breathe and the ability to breathe it. How wrong is it that we take so much for granted? Does it tear the world down? It certainly doesn’t make the world a better place. What is our responsibility? What does this have to do with true freedom?

We take SO much for granted, turning our backs to the Truth – all the while when it is SO true that we all CAN learn to witness the truth, without expectations, without opinion, learning to better and better connect-the-healthful-dots. All the while, glimpses of Heaven are there for us to appreciate, albeit we can’t do so, if we (often without the so incredibly potent magical ‘key’ of humility) are lost in our expectations/preset patterns of thinking, not willing to work to be a less and less blemished witness.

Some may say that this is all impossible, or at least improbable, being that we are so often just getting by, by the ‘skin of our teeth’ emotionally. Sadly, we take comfort in believing that we know so much – much like an addiction: we fool ourselves into habitually thinking/acting as if we know a lot. We know SO LITTLE from this view, the stance from this stagnant plateau. Lost in this comedy and drama, the unhealthful perceived comfort in this stagnant view of the world, it is a most pernicious of addictions. We are afraid to witness the magical gifts in this, our living story – within a new and less blemished, much more healthful and deeper LIGHT. We are so often intrinsically afraid of making this ‘story’ a living LOVING story, in a more and more healthful spirit of gratitude. We so easily become closed to the truly wonderful gift of ongoing change – evolving changes going on within us and all around us – reflections back and forth, from us outward and back, countless times each moment, each day.

Nothing may be more difficult, but there IS hope, ALWAYS reason to have faith. It IS possible to gather together the levels of True Effort it takes to embrace healthful levels of change and growth: It is True Appreciation for the magical gifts, the blessings, in what we CAN MAKE our living loving story…going on ALL AROUND US, and IN US, ALL, OR MOST OF THE TIME. This is sparkling spine-tingling True Honesty – nothing to hide behind…and this level of objective insight is a significant measure of True Health. It is a Glimpse of Heaven.


Bestow a string of faith,

For faith we may have,

Unto the jester light,

In the comedy of reflections,

As we stand upon this stage,

In awe of,




— Glen Hepker (Copyright 2011)


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