Do you want to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

As set forth in my book – consistent with the traditions of the Bright Beautiful School of Thought/Ming Chia, it is said: If there is a Heaven, if there is a key to the universe, they are rooted in true honesty, promoting of true happiness and true freedom…but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind. In this splendidly healthful spirit, we can learn to experience sweet and innocent sparkling spine-tingling/shivering realizations – glimpses of Heaven at will; Glimpses of an existence where there is no time, no space, no distance – so healthful, so full of light and lightness. It is a so-to-speak place, where ALL is known…and once again most importantly, nothing to hide behind.

In learning to play the part of a less and less blemished ‘witness,’ it is of significant import to embrace the notion that true health is congruent with better and better casting off the pernicious weight of craving, desire, and fear of healthful change. There is always room for improvement, i.e., in the quality of which one is an honest witness….with less and less weight of expectations and preset patterns of thinking…greater and greater levels of lightness and true freedom in witnessing one’s internal and external environments (environments which reflect back and forth upon one another in a spectacularly endless fashion).

In working toward such substantive levels of true honesty, it is likely important to consider the following: Do you want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…or do you just want the watered-down version?

We can ask ourselves: How happy do I want to be? What level of objective insight is important? How much do I want to make the world a better place? How much do I want to see this as a dire responsibility…true health through true responsibility. How heavy or full of light and lightness do I want to be? What would life be like if I could be so full of light/lightness that I feel the resulting sense/feelings, at will, all or most of the time? Does it have a lot to do with doing the right thing for the right selfless sake? Does it have a lot to do with dignity, decency, goodness, and grace? Is it a lot to do with the notion that we are much more in the same common boat than we often think and act? Is it a LOT to do with being more and more healthful conduits/diplomats between Heaven and Earth?

Please ask yourself…when is the last time you had truly sweet and innocent, loving, sparkling spine-tingling real fun? As a child? Ever? What true joy it is – selfless…light…shared. It is back to The Garden. Oh boy! — Dr. Glen Hepker (Copyright 2011)

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On Earth as it is in Heaven?

“Happy Sunday to you Glen,

I just wanted to write to say hello and to thank you for the support you offered me over the past winter. It was very valuable to me and an important part of my getting through those dark days. Things at home are better now. I know that we’ll have bad spells in the future, but hopefully nothing so dramatic or damaging.

On another note, I’ve been finding myself experiencing moments of inner peace recently, especially when I’m outside walking. The moments are fairly brief, but the effect can last for hours, similar to the way getting some good news can make the whole morning seem better. I’ve been reading more Buddhist texts and going back through your writing to review and find new guidance towards cultivating and lengthening those peaceful moments.

I’m not really sure what brought them on, but I remember the first time that it happened I was walking to work and it was a beautiful morning and I sort of gave myself to the moment. The sensation was like being chemically high but rather than feeling the high overwhelm me (as with alcohol) it was something light that I couldn’t quite hold on to, but could feel sort of hovering just beyond the edge of my thoughts. It was somewhat like a butterfly that may land on your finger but which you could never catch by grasping.

As a result, I have engaged in more spiritual reflection lately and contemplating the idea of the “self”. I still struggle with the concept of letting go of an individual identity as I do not want to be absorbed into the universe the way a cup of water may be if emptied into the ocean. I am appreciate the idea of letting go of ego and the desire to rise above others as an individual, but I fear losing myself entirely.

Sorry to get so metaphysical this early in the morning, but there aren’t many people near me whom I feel comfortable discussing this issue with. While I have been attending church and enjoying being part of a spiritual community and being reminded of the value of Christ’s message, I don’t hold to the idea that Christianity is the one and only true path and that all others are false. That’s not a very popular assertion, so I keep it to myself. No matter how open minded people may be, there is a certain comfort found in dogma that they are reluctant to give up. I believe in truth, but I do not believe that any one group has a monopoly on it, though many may glimpse it to a greater or lesser degree.

Thank your for taking the time to read through my ramblings. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you.”


My response:

Happy Sunday to you also –

Thanks so much for sharing your such splendid depth of insight (and so well stated). You are clearly making the world a better place as such – not just your immediate world, but the world at large.

It is obvious to me that you are becoming a more and more healthful/less and less blemished ‘witness.’ Please know you have naught to fear, you will not lose yourself, you will only better and better find your true self and become a more and more healthful conduit/diplomat between Heaven/the heavens and Earth. Please have faith in this ‘beyond words’ truth…you deserve this, you have earned this, i.e., those immaculate moments of light and lightness…the ‘accumulation of light and lightness.’ It is an initial aspect or step in learning to have those sweet and innocent, loving and sparkling spine-tingling/shivering bio-electric feelings/realizations at will. In those wonderful moments, you are embracing healthful change on a substantive level, giving up unhealthful craving and desire. This is the living loving spirit of true appreciation and gratitude for the miracles that are all around us and within us, each moment, all of the time. It is treating life as a living loving art form. Consistent with the Bright School Theory, if there is a Heaven, a key to the universe, they are rooted in true honesty, promoting of true happiness and true freedom, but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind. This splendidly healthful spirit can prompt glimpses of an existence where there is no time, no space, no distance – where all is known…but once again and most importantly, nothing to hide behind.

I know you don’t like compliments, albeit I am very proud of you. And please know, that even in your most difficult moments, you can(!) better and better learn to hold onto your such splendid depth of insight and objectivity. It is requisite of true effort – but I know you and am so quite confident that you are able.

As set forth in my book, the Lotus Flower Blossoms describes your insights in a succinct fashion:

“There is a place where, wherever you are there, whatever you are doing…no matter what, in any given moment, there should be nowhere you would rather be. It is where you are right now – and you have the ability to so deeply and artfully appreciate your life and its living…to connect one healthful insight to the next, and make them all one…learning to witness this already-existing truth.

In the wilderness of our existence…a place of budding flowers about, about to unwrap in a showing of perfect appreciation for all to thrive upon, we are the flowers which can blossom again and again in each season of our deeper and deeper insight…all connected…each better and more healthful than before.

It is not unlike Heaven…and it can become Heaven, with enough insight and appreciation. It takes quite a few sparks, glimpses – spine-tingling moments…as a way-of-life which becomes more and more purposeful…more and more without time or space or distance. More and more there is less and less to hide behind.”

I’ve been meaning to call you to see how things are going. It means a lot that you have shared this – how you are doing.

Once again, thanks so much. I genuinely appreciate it. Please don’t ever hesitate to write or call. I am honored by our friendship.

Brightest of blessings,


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