Is it possible for women and men to be ‘just friends?’ How important is it?

A question from a reader of my book: “Can men and women be ‘just friends?’”

Response: HUMBLY speaking as a REALLY dumb fellow…yes, I believe women and men CAN be ‘just friends.’ Respectfully, this may just be one of the ‘keys to the universe.’ I have splendid friendships with many women, in the here and now and historically. It doesn’t in any way have to be about sex. This may sound naive and quaint, but I don’t believe it is so. It is sad that we often miss out on what may be among the most splendid of blessings/gifts (female/male friendships). This is on every level, emotional, spiritual, and overall health/wellness…resplendently so.

Living in a semi-rural area (versus also having lived in a large metropolitan area for many years), I find that many men (especially) act like they have an intrinsic responsibility to (on some level) ‘hit’ on every woman, or they don’t feel like ‘real men.’ Humbly, I am no one ‘special’ or important, albeit I find that learned and/or cultural outlook embarrassing. Sex IS a SO splendid blessing, yet everything doesn’t have to be about that.

Please know that I’m not saying I am in ANY way some ‘sweet and innocent’ fellow…it is NOT the spirit in which I am setting forth my thoughts herein. That said, among the most splendid blessings in my life, is in being ‘just friends’ with many women, i.e., who I believe are most often the superior half of people. In having such friendships, I sincerely see this as a most splendid part of my good fortune.

Once again (and again, and again, and again, if necessary) quite humbly and respectfully, I believe it is SO much about a benevolent and altruistic spirit of dignity, decency, goodness, and grace…AND figuring out how to TRULY mean it, No Matter What! I believe it is SO much about a benevolent and altruistic spirit of endeavoring to do the right thing for the right selfless sake. I believe it is SO much about realization that we are so much more in the same common ‘boat’ than we often think and act. — Dr. Glen Hepker

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8 thoughts on “Is it possible for women and men to be ‘just friends?’ How important is it?

  1. I believe this is absolutely true! dr. Hepker and I met online through some divine intervention and I consider him my friend and I hope vice versa. He’s never hit on me and I find him a very intelligent, caring, positive, truly honest individual. One that anyone is blessed to crossed paths with in their lives.

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