Is the surface of the earth a stage-setting on which we enact our comedies and dramas in a grand play?

When looking at this question, it can seem quite obvious that it is in fact what we do each day. Albeit, it doesn’t seem to be something we are commonly aware of, at least not in quite the same spirit or practical application. Whatever the case, it can easily be argued that it is in fact what takes place here on the earth, each and every moment.

How important is it to be aware of this, e.g., that we are actors on a stage? In the ages-old health/wellness philosophy that I teach, coach, and endeavor to follow, it is traditionally viewed as QUITE important. The most central feature of this philosophy is set forth as “Acting Without Acting.” This simple, yet (in practical application) not-so-simple notion is so very much about “endeavoring to do the right thing for the right sake – without the need for selfish recognition or hidden agendas.” It is so very much about a living loving spirit of ‘true appreciation’ and ‘true responsibility.’ It is so very much about “‘true honesty,’ promoting of ‘true happiness,’ and ‘true freedom,’ but most most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind.”

In this healthful outlook, true honesty can be consistent with being an honest actor, or maybe not being an ‘actor’ at all. The important thing is that we are lovingly honest with ourselves, and hence with others. Dishonesty promotes abbreviated levels objective insight and critical thinking within ourselves, and builds ‘walls of lies’ between ourselves and others – so much so that so-called life can be like a living purgatory or living death…a most crepuscular of addictions.

The more and more we learn to recognize/enjoy life as a living loving art form, the more we can play the HONEST part of a deeply appreciative unblemished Witness to our internal and external environments. We can learn to better and better feel gratitude for all of the wonderful beyond-words magic going on inside of us and all around us (which is there all-of-the-time, whether we recognize it or not). It is much about embracing a loving philosophy which can be the foundation for a splendidly healthful way of life. It CAN be ongoing/common sparkling spine-tingling/shivering ‘glimpses of Heaven,’ each day, each moment. The magic IS in exercising the ‘true effort’ of making it so, and recognizing that such effort is NOT a chore…such effort is the greatest of gifts/blessings that one can allow oneself – always being room for improvement (learning to never become addicted to running away from this truth, this great blessing).

A little comedy and drama is just fine, as long as we don’t get lost in it.

The following sayings make the point quite succinctly AND appreciatively – 

The Jester of Light:

“Bestow a string of faith, for faith we might have, unto the jester of light, in the comedy of reflections, as we we stand upon this stage, in awe of, endless, encompassing, all.”

The Lotus Flower Blossoms:

“There is a place where, wherever you are there, whatever you are doing…no matter what, in any given moment, there should be nowhere you would rather be. It is where you are right now – and you have the ability to so deeply and artfully appreciate your life and its living…to connect one healthful insight to the next, and make them all one…learning to witness this already-existing truth.

In the wilderness of our existence…a place of budding flowers about, about to unwrap in a showing of perfect appreciation for all to thrive upon, we are the flowers which can blossom again and again in each season of our deeper and deeper insights…all connected…each better and more healthful than before.

It is not unlike Heaven…and it can become Heaven, with enough insight and appreciation. It takes quite a few sparks, glimpses – spine-tingling moments…as a way-of-life which becomes more and more purposeful…more and more without time or space or distance. More and more there is less and less to hide behind.” (Copyright 2011) — Dr. Glen Hepker



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