How important is meditation with regard to our quality of wellness?

Glen, your book speaks of ‘true meditation,’ most particularly in Chapter XII – “True Happiness: A Glimpse of Heaven.” Could you speak to this even a bit more, and explain its importance? (an inquiry from a reader of my book and blog.)

Response: In the tradition of the health and wellness arts that I teach and coach, the healthful spirit of True Meditation (aka A Glimpse of Heaven Meditation/Parting the Veil/Opening the Door/The Accumulation of Light), as an ideal, is to learn to play the part of the true unblemished witness to the loving living story of one’s life. It is to make one’s world, THE world a better place…inclusive of doing the right thing for the right sake, without the need for selfish recognition or hidden agendas. Additionally, and once again, as an ideal, it is in embracing the notion that there is ALWAYS room for improvement…and that this awareness and its practical application is one of the greatest gifts of all (vs. getting stuck on stagnant plateaus of living death). It is realizing that we really are all in the ‘same (common) boat,’ not so separate as we often think and act. It is supporting others in their HEALTHFUL goals (and once again, doing so selflessly – without hidden agendas). It is having a goal of unblemished ‘true honesty’…which is promoting of ‘true forgiveness,’ ‘true happiness,’ and ‘true freedom.’ It is a goal of taking true responsibility for one’s own health and wellbeing – gathering a loving, altruistic, and deeply-held ‘true appreciation’ of the miracle of the moment, each moment (and once again, there is always room for improvement).

According to the Theory of Lightness, it is a truly healthful means by which to gather a living lightness of being, being without, or nearly without, the pernicious weight of desire, craving, stressors/anxiety, and the suffering which is congruent with heavy cyclical thinking. It is a ‘glimpse of Heaven,’ an existence, so-to-speak, with no time, no space, no distance – no yesterday, no today, no tomorrow…but most importantly, the spirit of true honesty, e.g., nothing to hide behind.

We have an ages-old traditional way of performing True Meditation, which is set forth on my YouTube channel, e.g., True Meditation #1 thru #3. The goal is to memorize this meditational paradigm, and know it well enough to go through without having to think a lot about it. Meditation first and foremost is in learning to better and better empty one’s mind – to better and better play the part of the unblemished loving Witness to one’s internal and external environments. That said, meditation does not have to be just in sitting down. When one becomes skilled, it can be much of the time, with eyes open, and moving through one’s daily life in this wonderfully healthful sense of being. — Dr. Glen Hepker


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