Am I hiding below land level?

What is a less and less blemished ‘witness’…is it one who is selfless and is able to alleviate unhealthful desire/craving? What kind of world would it be if more and more of us learn to play the honest part of the unblemished witness, e.g., developing a finely honed skill in witnessing our internal and external environments as such – without the terrible weight of our preset patterns of thinking, expectations, and freedom-depraving craving and desire? What kind of world would it be if this healthful outlook prompted us to genuinely appreciate, feel gratitude for the innumerable resplendent gifts/blessings which are inside of us and all around us, ALL of the time? What if unhealthful craving and desire (AND fear of healthful change) are the most genuine, most TRUE of diseases?

What if – what if – what if?! What if this is true? What if a truly healthful philosophical way of life is the necessary ‘key’ to unlock the door to (practical application of) the deepest, most splendid applications of our scientific knowledge (which, NO LESS in the contemporary sense, we so often ignore).

Putting the notion of ‘true health through true responsibility’ into practical application is obviously a very difficult thing. Albeit, it IS the right thing for the right selfless sake: As we learn to better and better gauge our thoughts and actions through this lens, it cannot help but make our world, THE world a better place. AND making the world a better place can be embrace, loved, and appreciated as a truest of genuine responsibilities.

We all get ‘stuck’ in our faulty thinking – our bad habits. Mistakes are lessons that we need to learn. Albeit, we don’t need to keep learning the same lessons again and again and again forever: getting permanently stuck on stagnant plateaus can be like a purgatory, a living death. If we choose to exercise it, we have the wherewithal to ‘raise ourselves back up to land level.’ We CAN learn to see, to witness things as they REALLY truly are. Through the healthful lens of unblemished (selfless) objective insight we can learn to play the part of the perfect witness, able to look out into AND past our real and imagined horizons…without(!) the pernicious weight of our ‘baggage.’ We can allow ourselves ongoing moment to moment true appreciation – we can allow ourselves the corresponding pleasure of taking true responsibility for our own health and well-being – we can allow ourselves corresponding and ongoing sparkling spine-tingling/shivering glimpses of Heaven.

How light, bright, and healthful do you want your spirit to be? Is it worth the effort? It is, unless one thinks that hiding below land level is somehow attractive (and it gets more and more morbid…stinkier and stinkier and stinkier). — Dr. Glen Hepker



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