Can our quality of life be gauged by way of our depth of true appreciation and gratitude?

An excerpt from Chapter VIII – Endeavor to Avoid Preference for the Sake of Preference – from my book, A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health…

“We have all experienced what we coin as ‘sentimental moments’ – those truly loving and warm, ‘spine-tingling,’ ‘spine-shivering’ sparks that move through our bodies. For most, these are likely very special moments, to say the least: They are often the result of some special insight congruent with a feeling of love, benevolence, goodness, and grace – likely all of the above. Albeit, the significant question herein is how often do we enjoy these not-so-little gifts? For many, these feelings come infrequently. What would life look like if we experienced these feelings MANY times each day? What if we could healthfully prefer to learn to purposely feel that light, that good, more and more often – like a finely-honed skill? Those suffering from machismo may say that such a thing is ‘only for the weak.’ In these health arts, it is one aspect of true strength.

Effort toward avoiding preference for the sake of preference and the consequent realization of healthful multiple spiritual insights each day, is promoting of, and is enhanced by an emotional and spiritual (even physical) lightness – a lightness of being. It is a meditative deportment in which we can learn to ‘lighten’ ourselves of thought. When appropriate to the given circumstances of the moment, we witness, versus think about the circumstance which we find ourselves. Such witnessing is clear, unblemished, without opinion, precognition, or preset patterns of thinking. It is without expectations which abbreviate true freedom. Gathering this sense of lightness by avoiding unhealthful preferences enables us to enjoy a true appreciation for the miracle of the moment: An impeccable love.

Familial, friendship, and romantic love are wonderful things. Even so, the sense of true appreciation spoken of herein IS MORE. It is an ‘impeccable love’ – a glimpse of heaven: It is the true living embodiment of healthful dignity, decency, goodness, and grace – thriving and compassionate, spiritual and divine. This is a level of insight, of being, where time seems to stop. It is Acting Without Acting: ‘doing the right thing for the right sake without the need for selfish recognition.’ It is a means of action in which the right way becomes clear. We all have this capacity – to love and be loved in such a significant way: In this and many fashions, we are all here in the same boat. We can do ourselves a ‘world of good’ if we learn to act like it – thereby displaying a healthful preference toward embracing selfless insight and compassion.

If Heaven exists, it is a place, so-to-speak, where there is no time, no space, no distance – nowhere to ‘hide behind.’ Here in this imperfect existence, these spiritual insights are a meaningful ‘glimpse’ of that perfect place. Preferring to develop a way-of-life in which one learns to take absolute responsibility for one’s own health and wellbeing necessitates realization of true effort. Even so, the journey does not have to be frightening. It can be full of blessings too numerous to count – each moment, each spiritual insight building upon the other. This is the learned gift of true health through true responsibility.” — Dr. Glen Hepker (Copyright 2011)



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