Patty Cakes and the Stolen Ball…is an impeccably written children’s book by J.V. Carr

It is TRULY an honor to write a review for this impeccable work by J.V. Carr. Please know that this is in no way an exaggeration – she truly is an artist/writer of the highest caliber.

J.V. Carr has offered us a work which is irreproachably written…so much so that I (humbly and respectfully) believe it is important to say that she has made the world a better place through her resplendent effort. Through her characters, she weaves a SO quite appealing story – most particularly through her primary character Patty. In witnessing Patty’s challenges we learn many substantive lessons – though at the same time, J.V.’s writing style is light and fun – genuinely so! My two nieces loved the book, and have read it again and again. They find it difficult to put the book down. – Dr Glen Hepker

Here is a description of her genuinely splendid book:  Seven-year-old Patty is a sweet little girl who has lots of stuff people should know about her-like the fact that trouble has become her very good friend. Her twin sister Penny never gets in any trouble, and everybody thinks Patty’s two-year-old sister Emma is a charm. Even Patty’s dog Bones seems to get in less trouble than she does! And oh yeah-her older brother Thomas can be so annoying, especially when he accuses her of stealing his all-time favorite lacrosse ball. Well, pretty soon, the entire family looks and looks for that darn ball, but when they can’t find it, Patty’s brother takes the “issue” of the stolen ball to school the next day. That means war! Even though Patty tries to see happiness in her day, trouble still finds her in more ways than one. And here’s the thing-it’s not nice to blame others for something you didn’t see them do!

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4 thoughts on “Patty Cakes and the Stolen Ball…is an impeccably written children’s book by J.V. Carr

  1. You’re so ever quite welcome, J.V.! It is genuinely my pleasure and privilege to say the least. And thanks so ever much also to you – you’ve AGAIN brightened up an already great day. Brightest blessings in yours.


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