How crazy does it sound?

What if we were regularly reminded that we need to be at our best? What if we were regularly reminded that the world depends on us to be at our best? Who would remind us? What would this mean…and what would our lives be like? What would the world be like if it was true? Better? Worse?

AND of course, WHAT is it to be at our ‘best?’ In the ages-old health and wellness arts that I teach, coach, and endeavor to follow, it is first in learning to honestly display oneself with dignity, decency, goodness, and grace (REALLY TRULY figuring out how to mean it – no matter what). It is in endeavoring to do the right thing for the right sake – without the need for selfish recognition or hidden agendas. It is deep realization that we are all SO very much more in the same common boat than we often seem to think and act. It is supporting others in their healthful goals. It is in a living loving spirit of ‘true appreciation,’ deep gratitude for all of the gifts/blessings which we are given each day…each moment.

What would life be like if we recognized that it is genuinely a responsibility to make the world a better place…each day? Would the world be a much better and different place if an ever-evolving greater number of us recognized this as a ‘true responsibility?’ It CAN be up to each of us to decide what we believe the answer to be – and maybe that, unto itself, is the greatest of responsibilities.

Maybe just honestly answering these questions (each and every sparkling spine-tingling day) could provoke a REALLY TRULY healthful philosophical WAY OF LIFE – in a living loving spirit of gratitude! (Thus enabling us to better and better embrace healthful change – vs. fearing it.)

Could it be that this what is really needed, i.e.,’true health through true responsibility?’ Maybe it could be a life of true honesty, promoting of true happiness, and true freedom…but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind. Maybe it would entail loving realization of common glimpses of Heaven – even transforming us into more and more healthful conduits between Heaven and Earth. Oh boy! — Dr. Glen Hepker
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6 thoughts on “How crazy does it sound?

  1. Thank you for your wonderful post! ‘My best’ is very different each day 🙂 When I feel unwell, ‘my best’ might be only a thought of gratitude that I am alive. Some other day it might be an act of kindness towards a fellow human, or a meaningful use of my time. I think that each contribution is important. Sometimes I fail and I am rather close to being at my worst, but I am not afraid, because The Heaven will reach to me and compensate my failure. The Heaven has no illusions about me, and knows that I will need help often 🙂 Being grateful, always, for every little thing – it is the happy way of life and true freedom.

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