What might be a ‘path of heart?’

If such a thing exists, how important is it to be on such a ‘path?’

Many cultures and traditions have similar sayings which loosely and not-so-loosely translate into congruent outlooks. In the ages-old arts that I teach, coach, and humbly endeavor to follow (i.e., Ming Chia/Tao Chan – the Bright Beautiful School of Thought), the very old consistent (Mandarin) term is ‘tao te shen,’ e.g., ‘path of heart,’ ‘way of heart,’ or ‘being of heart.’ Therein, a path of heart is described as a spirit devoid of the most dark and terrible weight of greed, gluttony, hate, ignorance, and unhealthful fear (or dread). It is full of the beautiful brightness/lightness of dignity, decency, goodness, and grace. It IS the living loving spirit of true appreciation and acting without acting, e.g., endeavoring to do the right thing for the right sake, without the need for selfish recognition or hidden agendas. It is living life as a living loving art form…embracing of change, most especially healthful change. It is a way of being which is full of the quintessential brightness of the ‘five virtues’ – healthful respect, healthful loyalty, healthful humility, true honor, and true integrity.

The Bright School theory sets forth the notion that humankind cannot survive (let alone thrive) if there aren’t enough people on so-coined paths of heart. It sets forth that the only way humankind will ever substantively evolve (as a whole), is when/if a majority of human beings are raised and/or raised up to paths of heart, quite inclusive of embracing the notion of ‘true health through true responsibility.’

In a humble and respectful spirit, it is said in these arts, that many people find such a way of being as something to look up to – they find it unusual…that it seems ‘different (likely in good way).’ Hence, if it was not different, would it not have become unknown a long time past…or vice-versa? Do we truly need our ‘kings,’ ‘queens,’ and ‘heroes?’ Or do we more likely just need really good mentors and/or genuinely healthful unintentional role models.

In these arts it is said that there are ‘three treasures’ and that it is of utmost import that one learns to mindfully embrace them like nothing else. They are consistent with (honestly acting in) the healthful spirit(s) of “mercy, economy, and defying temptation to be ahead of others.” The spirit of mercy promotes strength. The spirit of economy promotes altruism. The spirit of humility promotes skills in stewardship.

“What is it to shun mercy, while endeavoring to be courageous? What is it to avoid economy, while endeavoring to be generous? What is it to avoid humility, and consistently work to win?” Such is an ongoing stagnant plateau which is like a living death.

Christ once said, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter Heaven.” True wealth is not financial. True wealth is a path of heart…it is the right thing for the right selfless sake. It is true health through true responsibility.

A living spirit of grace and mercy in facing life’s battles is promoting of healthful objective insight and healthful outcomes – greater and greater wherewithal in one’s ability to handle what life throws at one. It is a means by which one can be a more and more healthful conduit between Heaven and Earth. If there is a Heaven, a key to the universe, a sixth sense, they are rooted in true honesty promoting of true happiness and true freedom…but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind.

We have already been given the gifts we need in order to succeed: If there is a reward, it is in the requisite true effort of facing opportunities for growth, e.g., the miracles of ALL challenges…and first and foremost recognizing them as such blessings, i.e., ‘true miracles.’ — Dr. Glen Hepker


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6 thoughts on “What might be a ‘path of heart?’

  1. Indeed, Dr. Glen. Many ancient words of wisdom point to the same things as one another. I like that you used the word “thrive.”
    Once at work a group of people told me they were going to “coast until retirement.” What I found disturbing was that retirement was at least 10 years away for them.
    A decade of coasting? To me that didn’t sound good at all. Then I realized something that I’ve repeated ever since — There are those who are content to coast… and then there are those of us who need to *thrive*.
    I’ve been doing a LinkedIn post each week (Thriving Thursdays) lending my humble efforts to encourage others to *thrive.*
    Thanks for this wonderful and mindful post. Hugs!

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    • A big ‘wow’ as always, Teagan! You are so ever quite welcome, and also as always, thanks so very much also to you. I wholeheartedly agree with your impeccable insight. And again as always, you are making the world a much better place through your effort and outlook. I always deeply appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Hugs!

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