The wonderful spirit of treating life as a living loving art form…

Are there self-improvement and/or health-promoting actions/practices which you fear to do or take part in?

In the spirit of the right thing for the right healthful sake, regularly do a thing that you most fear to do. This may be a bold path to feeling better and better, congruent with a spirit of true health and true responsibility.

In doing so, it is quite likely that one will realize greater levels of objective insight in facing and overcoming one’s fears (inclusive of enhancing one’s critical thinking skills). In this, our evolving insight will allow us to face even greater challenges…readying us for new ‘bold’ adventures.

Here on Earth, splendid blessings can be found in the notion that ‘there is always room for improvement,’ greater and greater levels of deep insight and its practical application (vs. getting ongoingly stuck on stagnant plateaus which can be like a living death). We can choose to live in fear, or we can lovingly and appreciatively embrace a ‘path of heart.’ What may seem dark and scarey, could actually end up being a wonderful adventure…even among those things that we’ve simply been ignoring – things that are commonly right in front of us. In this genuinely splendid spirit, i.e., true health through true responsibility, we can better and better evolve into being truly healthful conduits between Heaven and Earth…maybe even evolve into more and more selfless healthful unintentional role models.

So often we may “feel silly” or fear “looking dumb” in trying something difficult, new, or scarey. For instance, most of my tai chi chuan, chi kung, meditation, and health/wellness students initially were afraid and felt silly – worrying that they’d “look stupid.” Those that stuck with it and worked at it, have added genuinely splendid, healthful, and refined arts into their way of life, a way of life that would never have been realized without that true effort…having exercised their strength and wherewithal toward great ends. It is in the wonderful spirit of treating life as a living loving art form – it is consistent with making the world a better place (and learning to see this as a true responsibility). — Dr. Glen Hepker

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