How important is a spirit of empathy and appreciation?

“Glen, what does it mean to be honestly/genuinely spiritual? We all have conflicting feelings and emotions which rarely seem to let us realize a truly deep sense of it as such. How can we be become so real, to enjoy a practical sense of spiritualism, so that we can primarily focus on and deeply appreciate the present (a question from a reader of my book)?”

Response: So quite humbly and respectfully speaking…and speaking herein in a spirit of true empathy and benevolence, it may be found in selflessly endeavoring to do the right thing for the right sake, without the need for selfish recognition or hidden agendas, e.g., Acting Without Acting. It is in the splendidly healthful spirit of working toward true honesty, promoting of true happiness and true freedom…but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind. It is in the altruistically healthful spirit of true appreciation of the miracle of the moment…more and more each moment.

It requires one to embrace one’s comfort and discomfort equally – most difficult in this case, e.g.: It is lifting from our shoulders, lightening ourselves of the most terrible weight of all – lack of forgiveness for ourselves and others. It is treating others with dignity, decency, goodness, and grace – and learning how to truly mean it, No Matter What – inclusive of supporting others in their genuinely healthful goals. It is realizing the genuine import of our true responsibility in making the world a better place – each day. It is becoming a more and more healthful conduit between Heaven and Earth. It is living each day lovingly inspired anew.

What may be the most difficult though, is in learning to take ownership of the notion that there is always room for improvement (embracing healthful change), versus getting stuck on stagnant plateaus, plateaus which can be like a living purgatory, a living death. — Dr. Glen Hepker

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12 thoughts on “How important is a spirit of empathy and appreciation?

  1. Indeed, there is always room for improvement — at least there sure is with me! I’ve placed a renewed emphasis on my “positivity” (Yes, again…). In the past few years, I’ve been “shot down” so many times that I no longer have belief (in getting to the location I want). I continue to try, but throughout each attempt my subconscious says “I know it won’t do any good. I know I won’t get this one either.” So I attract the continuation of “not getting there.” Thanks for this morning inspiration. Hugs!

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  2. As always, it is my pleasure and privilege, Teagan. And yes, the only way one can succeed is to work at it and work at, until success is achieved. If one ever gives up, one will not succeed. I know that sounds quite simplistic, but it is what it is. Brightest of splendid blessings in this and all things, my friend. Hugs!

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  3. So nice to have found this blog through my friends Teagan and Olga. The laws of attraction are simple; and yet complicated. We’re told to focus on what we want, or to imagine we already have it. Yet, sometimes it’s so difficult to shake the negativity about something out of our brain, even knowing it’s definitely what we don’t want to focus on. Life’s Catch 22 🙂 Similar to getting stuck in stagnant plateaus.


  4. although my eyes raced through this topic I really enjoyed reading it because is speaks of something that is so important to me to have empathy, compassion and love


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