What is the importance of gratitude in the quality of our health and well-being?

“Glen, it seems that, in my life when I feel the greatest sense of gratitude, it makes me feel best about my day, my life. It seems that, while feeling the wonderful outcome of this insight, I feel more healthy than at any other time. Is this what you mean when you say that true appreciation can be among the most splendid of healing mechanisms?’ What are your thoughts?” (An inquiry from a reader of my blog and book.)

Response: You state your thoughts QUITE well, thanks so VERY much. Humbly and respectfully, it is working toward taking deep and abiding ownership of a WAY OF LIFE in which one gathers a genuinely honest spirit of true appreciation…more and more each moment. What makes this all the more real, is in knowing that among the greatest gifts of all is that there is always room for improvement. It is a significant aspect of taking true responsibility for one’s own health and well-being.

This deep and abiding sense of gratitude greatly enhances the quality of our lives, and is a substantive part of the dynamic in raising ourselves up…embracing true responsibility. It is an important tenet of the Bright School theory, assisting one in realizing greater and greater levels of health and well-being.

This splendidly healthful outlook is distinguished by its remarkable, thought-provoking, and ingenious notion of coalescing ethics, morality, and deeply rooted insight/objectivity skills with conceptions of health and wellness, i.e., True Health and/or True Health through True Responsibility. It sets forth that one cannot realize true health without the necessary and genuinely skilled attributes of true appreciation and true honesty. It is deep insight, morality, clear objectivity – learning the genuine skill of being able to look within and without (into one’s internal and external environments), without fear, without preset patterns of thinking, and/or weight of expectations. AND in addition, it is with the SO healthful spirit of the beautiful and bright light of forgiveness.

A deep, abiding, altruistic, and loving spirit of gratitude is congruent with gathering a level of objective insight that introduces one to the notion of not needing anything to hide behind. Such healthful clarity is a significant aspect of what is humbly described as a ‘glimpse of heaven.’ This healthful way of being cannot be realized without deep gratitude…without gathering a genuine spirit of true appreciation more and more as a way of life – way of being. It is consistent with living each day in a sparkling spine-tingling/shivering fashion in which we are resplendently recharged and inspired anew. — Dr. Glen Hepker (Copyright 2011)

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5 thoughts on “What is the importance of gratitude in the quality of our health and well-being?

  1. Great article! Thank you for sharing! Gratitude can also unlock our Happiness. No matter what good things happen in our life, if we don’t have the attitude of gratitude, we will never be completely happy. Happy Saturday! 🙂


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