There comes a time…

It is likely that most of us have heard this old saying, e.g., “There comes a time!” If we so desire, each of us can decide for ourselves how this saying may apply to us at various times in our lives – more and more each day, even each moment. What does this saying mean to you? What does it mean to me?

How does this saying relate to learning to live life as a living loving art form? How does this saying relate to any serious notion of (deeply honest/sincere/loving) true appreciation? Consistent with the philosophy of the ages-old health/wellness arts that I teach, coach, and endeavor to follow, this ‘saying’ has a LOT to do with avoidance of (getting ‘stuck’ on) stagnant plateaus which, if we get stuck long enough, can be like a living death or purgatory (NOT in a spirit of wanting to sound ominous – but in fact, MAY actually ‘do us in’).

We have another old saying in our culture – it IS really important to ‘have a reason(s) to get up in the morning’…to WANT to get up in the morning. In this, I am speaking to the notion of GENUINELY feeling significant gratitude in getting up in the morning – benevolently so. I am speaking to the notion of really/truly WANTING the day, the evening…wherever/whatever one is doing. It IS possible that the more OR less reasons we realize (in wanting) to get up in the morning, to lovingly and appreciatively embrace the day, even each moment, can be a gauge of our quality of health.

Empirical studies have commonly set forth the hypothesis that, feelings such as frustration, anxiety, sadness, and anger can cause chronic illness, most particularly if such feelings become a way of life. This hypothesis has been redundantly researched, and in fact, it is actually no longer a hypothesis, it is an accepted fact. The ‘spirit,’ the quality of ‘heart’ in which we go about things can have a profound effect (positive or negative) on the quality of our health, sense of fulfillment, our outlook. A negative spirit/outlook is stagnancy, and excess stagnancy IS illness.

We are ALL so very much in the same common boat in this – throughout our lives we all get stuck on ‘stagnant plateaus,’ many, many, many times. Keys by which to ‘unlock the door’ of this crepuscular dynamic can be found in learning to more and more and more ask ourselves, “How long am I going to let this go on?” “How long will I avoid deeply/genuinely appreciating the lessons which are there (lessons I need and should want to learn)?” Asking ourselves ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions IS so important.

Mistakes don’t have to be a bad thing, they can be wonderful blessings if we don’t go on making them over and over forever: If we hold on to the same mistake long enough, it may just kill us. It can take a LOT of true effort/true strength to lovingly and altruistically embrace healthful change. It CAN be really ‘tough stuff,’ albeit this does NOT have to be viewed in a negative fashion. The greatest of insight and growth can often be realized and enjoyed when we allow ourselves to become sick and tired of being stuck…sometimes even pushed to the ‘precipice.’

Abbreviating significant levels of craving, desire, and fear of healthful change has a direct association with notions of true honesty, a level of honesty in which we learn to more and more skillfully ‘connect-the-healthful-dots’…needing less and less to hide behind, becoming less and less willing to fool ourselves. THIS ‘spirit’ is full of true happiness and true freedom. It is a SO light spirit, it is accumulating of light – maybe even ongoing sparkling spine-tingling/shivering ‘glimpses of Heaven.’

How good do I want to feel? How Bad? What levels of so-healthful mindfulness do I want to realize and lovingly sustain? How light and free do WE want to be, more and more free of the terrible weight of unhealthful/stagnant expectations – preordained/preset patterns of thinking (which are so limiting to our spirits)? How healthful do we want to be? How far are we willing to go to embrace the notion of ‘true health through true responsibility?’ Maybe we just need to look within.

I can only speak for me – you can only speak for you. There (hopefully) comes a time!

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4 thoughts on “There comes a time…

  1. Again I also believe healing has a lot to do from within. It is medically proven what stress levels can do the body and to think we can live healthy lives with out focusing on ourselves spiritually is a long shot. People have fallen victim to a broken heart before so who’s to say we couldn’t be at risk when the same is applied to the soul. Excellent and powerful message Dr. Glen

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