Is it possible to make one’s life a living loving work of art (QUITE humbly and respectfully speaking)?

We often hear about this or that ‘true’ or ‘great’ work of art. There is little doubt that these masterpieces are deserving of such titles. Albeit, IF there is a MOST genuine of great works as such, what might this be? What could possibly justify such a title? Would it require a SO such resplendent and quintessentially significant level of effort, something that would take years or even a lifetime to create…working to perfect this masterpiece?

Who among us is capable of provoking the level of insight (and the vast practical applications thereof) requisite of such a masterpiece? Who among us can prompt within themselves, take ownership of the level of self-discipline and true effort which is necessary to create such a genuine work of art?

Quite humbly and respectfully, I believe that MOST of us are…though I am not necessarily speaking to what is commonly seen as such in broadly conventional terms. As silly as it may sound (once again quite humbly and respectfully), I do NOT believe it silly when I say: The fashion by which we live our lives can be the MOST splendid of the splendid of living loving art forms, inclusive of being the most genuine of masterpieces. Yin to yang, yang to yin, what could be more difficult, yet what would be more wonderful…in TRULY/MINDFULLY living life as a living loving art form – a living loving work of art/masterpiece.

I am NOT speaking in a spirit of narcissism or egomania (this IS obviously very difficult stuff for ANY of us). In the benevolent and altruistic ages-old health/wellness arts that I teach, coach, and humbly endeavor to follow (the Bright Beautiful School of Thought/Ming Chia), it is SO much about ‘true health through true responsibility.’ It is so much about the abidingly healthful notions of the ‘true responsibility of making the world a better place,’ and endeavoring to do the ‘right thing for the right selfless sake (and figuring out how to GENUINELY mean…no matter what).’ It is so much a deep and abiding realization of the truth that ‘we are so much more in the same common boat than we often think and act.’ It is so much about mindful awareness of the import of dignity, decency, goodness, and grace – and the ‘true responsibility of supporting others in their genuinely healthful goals. It is a lightness of being in which we are willing to be inspired anew each day…more and more each moment. It is ALL about a loving and selfless spirit of true appreciation, gratitude for the IMMEASURABLE blessings/gifts which are inside of us and all around us, ALL of the time.

We CAN embrace a loving and abiding faith in our wherewithal to take ownership of this healthful outlook. We can significantly abbreviate our addiction to craving, desire, and fear of healthful change. We can avoid ongoing stagnant plateaus which can be like a living purgatory, a living death. We CAN find our way back to the ‘garden’ of true health (which may have a LOT to do with why we are here).

If it ends up that in the last five minutes of your life, you have the opportunity to look back and check out what you’ve done, what do you want to look back on? Do you want to look back in a sparkling spine-tingling/shivering beyond-words (oh SO!) splendid spirit of true appreciation…or in horror, or something in-between? Is there a choice? Don’t you believe we SHOULD want to believe that there is a choice? It requires true faith in one’s true freedom to do so.

The following saying sets forth the point quite resplendently: “Bestow a string of faith, for faith we might have…unto the jester of light in the comedy of reflections…as we stand upon this stage, in awe of, endless, encompassing, all.” — Dr. Glen Hepker (Copyright 2011)
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2 thoughts on “Is it possible to make one’s life a living loving work of art (QUITE humbly and respectfully speaking)?

  1. Beautiful post Dr. Glen. I think too many of us (i certainly was) were misdirected about what humility really is. As a child and even a young adult, I got into so much trouble if it even looked like i was about to say something positive about myself. We don’t have to disdain ourselves to be humble (we can love ourselves in stead). Huge hugs!

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