Why does God hide from us? Why are we put here?

Questions from my friend, Arvind Shapira, M.D.: “I would like to ask God, ‘Why did you create all this so neatly woven mesh of lives on earth?’ ‘Why do you hide yourself from us?'”

Response: Humbly and respectfully, Dr. Arvind, I believe that the more and more genuinely healthful witnesses we become, the more and more resplendently we will (in a living loving spirit of true appreciation) understand these and ALL things…in a less and less blemished LIGHT. It is up to us to decide the quality of which we are (as) conduits between/for Heaven and Earth. In my ages-old arts, these are among the quintessential reasons we are here. Herein I am in NO way promoting notions of God or gods – I am speaking ONLY for myself, e.g., setting forth this outlook which is congruent with the ages-old arts that I teach, coach, and endeavor to follow. I absolutely make no claims to have a ‘special’ insight into this matter, how dare I if I did.

That said, in order to respond to the above questions, I believe it is quite important to say…”If there is a Heaven, a ‘key to the universe,’ even a ‘sixth sense,’ they are rooted in true honesty, promoting of true happiness and true freedom…but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind. It is so much about a living loving spirit of truly healthful dignity, decency, goodness, and grace. It is so much about endeavoring to do the right thing for the right sake – without the need for selfish recognition or hidden agendas.

There are beyond-wonderful (beyond words) magical things going on inside of us and all around us, ALL of the time…we are often uncaring and/or untrained to witness these so-beyond-splendid blessings/gifts. In working to become more and more appreciative/healthful conduits between Heaven and Earth, it IS possible to catch more and more common sparkling spine-tingling/shivering glimpses of a so-to-speak existence, where there is no time, no space, no distance…all is known…but again most importantly, nothing to hide behind. Through true effort, we can thus become more and more prepared for what lies ahead. Nothing is perfect in THIS existence, but we CAN catch such remarkable ‘glimpses’ and realize greater and greater strength and happiness within our own selves. As we do so, we may gather greater and greater insight into the notion that, the ‘primary fault of humankind is the notion that you are there and I am here.’

The Lotus Flower Blossoms (as set forth in Chapter XV of my book):

“There is a place where, wherever you are there, whatever you are doing…no matter what, in any given moment, there should be nowhere you would rather be. It is where you are right now – and you have the ability to so deeply and artfully appreciate your life and its living…to connect one healthful insight to the next, and make them all one…learning to witness this already-existing truth.

In the wilderness of our existence…a place of budding flowers about, about to unwrap in a showing of perfect appreciation for all to thrive upon, we are the flowers which can blossom again and again in each season of our deeper and deeper insights…all connected…each better and more healthful than before.

It is not unlike Heaven…and it can become Heaven, with enough insight and appreciation. It takes quite a few sparks, glimpses – spine-tingling moments…as a way-of-life which becomes more and more purposeful…more and more without time or space or distance. More and more there is less and less to hide behind.” — Dr. Glen Hepker

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4 thoughts on “Why does God hide from us? Why are we put here?

  1. So well-put, and I completely agree. I have gotten glimpses of this place/way of being in the past but it is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of life and ‘forget’…I especially resonated with your statement, “It is up to us to decide the quality of which we are (as) conduits between/for Heaven and Earth. “


    • Thanks so very much for sharing your remarkable depth of insight, Elizabeth. Please know it SO genuinely means a lot. Brightest of most splendid blessings to you in this and all things. It is sometimes difficult to remember…but the true magic is in the effort. – Glen

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