What would life be like, if we lovingly learned to better and better recognize that there are truly splendid magical things going on inside of us…and all around us, ALL of the time?

An excerpt from Chapter XII (“True Happiness: A Glimpse of Heaven”) of my book – A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health…

“It is likely that numerous times we have all heard people reflect that they “can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by.” Often it is blamed on age or unknown circumstances. In the tradition of True Health, a common response to such a statement is to kindly mention that, if one considers all of the things one has experienced and done during that period of time, the time does not seem to have moved by so quickly. In utilizing at least this level of objectivity, one can palpably see that life can look quite different when we attempt to impartially pay attention – even if only in hindsight. A primary point of this chapter is to discuss as to why we might choose to take ownership of the notion that there are good and healthful reasons to learn to embrace the miracle of the moment – each moment – as much as is rationally possible: In the tradition of true health, true happiness has an intrinsic association with a ‘true appreciation of the miracle of the moment’ – one cannot have one without the other.

There is little difficulty in defending the following commonsensical assumption: It seems rather obvious that the more unhappiness which we realize, the less likely we can as easily feel gratitude for what we have. The ‘true health’ outlook is that habitual unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and/or frustration prompt an often-developing wherewithal to ignore miracles going on all around us, and in us. Most of the time we seem to be completely unaware of them, unaware of any suitable sense of true responsibility which we should feel with regard to appreciating such amazing blessings. Often we gather a need, a desire to ‘run away’ from ourselves. We are too busy, too quick in our movement through life, and/or too lost within life’s difficulties to slow down and take notice of the miracles in our external and internal environments. The initial point can be taken a step further in a slightly different way: Not only will the “‘year’” seem as if it went by much more slowly if we consider “all of the things” we have “experienced and done during that period of time,” it will seem even more so when we consider all of the moments which we have moved through. From this vantage point, does it seem like the time flew by then? Of course not.

True happiness has little or nothing to do with life being like a continuous ‘blur.’ Quite commonly, a significant aspect of our formulaic outlook on life depends on an irrational instinctive hope that we will eventually reach a point where we find a plateau which will allow us to ‘not have to try anymore.’ Rushing toward some indistinct or supposedly predetermined destination, without a true sense of peace and healthful wellbeing, is like a ‘living death.’ A common saying reflects such lack of insight, e.g., ‘not enjoying the journey’ while ‘having one (or both) eyes on the destination.’ In such a mindset, it seems quite plausible that it is a blessing that life does go by quickly – in fact it is obviously the instinctive or purposeful goal. How sad, when contrasted with the magnificent human potential which a great majority of people enjoy.” — Dr. Glen Hepker (Copyright 2011)

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11 thoughts on “What would life be like, if we lovingly learned to better and better recognize that there are truly splendid magical things going on inside of us…and all around us, ALL of the time?

  1. What a joy to be able to read this this morning. I especially liked this thought, “…happiness has an intrinsic association with a ‘true appreciation of the miracle of the moment’ – one cannot have one without the other.”

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    • Wow, Dr. Harrell. Please know it so truly means a lot. You’ve again brightened up an already so great day. Thanks so much…and yes, I humbly believe that this is SO quite important. Brightest of most splendid blessings to you and yours. – Glen

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    • You’re so ever quite welcome, Teagan – please know it is my pleasure and honor, to say the least. Thanks so very much for sharing, letting me know. It genuinely means a lot. Brightest of blessings to you in all things. – Glen


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