How important is forgiveness in one’s realization of greater and greater levels of true health?

In Chapter IX – ”True Effort” of my book, it addresses what is coined as True Forgiveness. Humbly and respectfully, the following is an excerpt thereof…

“Probably the most painful and arduous aspect of ‘true effort’ is the notion of ‘true forgiveness.’ It is inclusive of forgiveness of ourselves and forgiveness of others: In actuality the two often reflect upon one another and/or are one-in-the-same. In learning to witness this issue in a clear and unblemished fashion, we may realize a sense of true compassion – gathering significant insight into the notion that we are all in the same boat: Hence, the Same Boat Theory, e.g., the primary fault of mankind is the notion that you are there and I am here.

Our entire outlook on life can quite commonly have a direct connection with the issue of forgiveness. In being faithful to the spirit of truth, we all can obviously look at our experiences and see that each of us has uncountable things for which we can choose to forgive or choose not to forgive in ourselves and others: It is likely we have all made the same mistakes that we see others make. Within each of us, wars and famines of our spirits are reflected back and forth between us and the greater world. For instance, when wronged by others, we have a choice as to how to respond: We can choose to make matters worse by acting in spite, or we can choose a healthful mien through which we can forgive – displaying true (unadulterated) compassion in a spirit of dignity, decency, goodness, and grace – all-the-while making it clear to the wrongdoer that the behavior is wrong and unacceptable.

It is likely that for a majority of us, we have more often than not been unforgiving – in fact we have displayed varying levels of hostility and/or have acted to reflect the wrongdoer’s action back toward them. In the traditions herein, it is said: True self-defense is self-defense against ourselves and our own bad habits. This concept is similar to a common saying, e.g., “we are our own worst enemy.” In acting upon this knowledge, we can choose to exercise true effort toward healthful growth, or we can choose an unhealthful ongoing regression toward greater and greater misery which is filled with self-loathing and hatefulness. Having great role models will obviously be helpful toward making healthful decisions; it certainly ‘can’t hurt.’

I am not intentionally promoting religiosity in this writing – I am setting forth notions of a healthful philosophical way-of-life. Even so, I cannot think of a more profoundly powerful, impeccable, and immaculate example of a role model consistent with the notion true effort and true forgiveness: According to Christian teachings, as Christ was being put to death on the cross, he said, “Forgive them…for they know not what they do.” It seems quite clear that this level of true effort and forgiveness would truly be even more than just a glimpse…of Heaven.” — Dr. Glen Hepker
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11 thoughts on “How important is forgiveness in one’s realization of greater and greater levels of true health?

  1. Hi Glen,
    Long time no talk. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know I’m out here and keeping the faith. Good article…


  2. wow…that is such an inspiring read…Forgiveness is so difficult and so divine…everytime I come across a person who tries to put me down or is indifferent to me , i try to forgive..but let me tell you it isn’t easy…but when i do , i am so much at peace with myself…Sometimes i just vent out all my frustrations ,privately,by screaming and crying to myself,but at the end of it ..i am rejuvenated.Forgiveness ,indeed keeps one stress free …nice article!!!


  3. Wasn’t quite sure where to write this message so here goes! I just read a host of reviews of your book on Wow! Your readers are motivated, excited, and wellness-focused . Totally on board. Your idea in which you ask them and yourself to take True Responsibility for their inner and outer health resonates with them. What a contribution. Congratulations for making this book happen and for bringing so many to a deepened place of joy.


    • Thanks so VERY much for taking the time to look at the reviews, Mary. Again, I am humbled (in a REALLY nice way). It so truly means a lot, most especially coming from you. Please know I don’t say it lightly, inclusive of that you’ve again made a great day even better. Again humbly, I don’t know what else to say, am a bit speechless (another likely good thing!). Brightest of splendid blessings to you. – Glen


  4. Your forgiveness post holds very excellent wisdom for me: Choose compassion in a spirit of dignity–all-the-while making it clear to the wrongdoer that the behavior is wrong and unacceptable. To do both of those things– being compassionate and holding the other accountable by speaking truth–is a worthy goal. So difficult to do sometimes. This gives me a marker, a way of pointing myself in the right direction on a particular situation I am experiencing. What is amazing to me is how you say this in a way that makes an old idea brand new and marvelously clear. We do get lost sometimes. Your wisdom light is very bright.


    • Wow(!), thanks so VERY much Mary. To say the least, please know it so genuinely means a lot. I am humbled in a splendid way, by your words, insights. I endeavor to write in a selfless spirit, albeit I happily admit that your words, your appreciation make it all so much more worth it. Again, thanks so much. It is a privilege and pleasure. – Glen


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