Do you want to get a ‘buzz’ on? ALL of the time? With no assistance? Naturally…no cheating?

What if it has to do with those benevolent sparkling spine-tingling/shivering feelings (those feelings that we usually only and spontaneously enjoy in special loving/sentimental moments)? A so-beautiful way of being – oh(!) SO light and fluid and relaxed…ALL of the time?

Does it have to do with a true love, inclusive, yet oh SO much more than just familial, friendship, and romantic love? Is it all so much about not needing recognition or having hidden agendas? As a WAY OF LIFE, can this be consistent with ongoing quintessential/beyond splendid ‘glimpses of Heaven’…harmony between Heaven and Earth? If there is such a thing as true health, can this be a significant part of it?

Is it SO light (lightness of being AND absorbing of light)…without the debilitating weight of craving, desire, and fear of healthful change?

What if the following was truly a loving, resplendent hint?

“There is a place where, wherever you are there, WHATEVER you are doing, there should be nowhere you would rather be. It is where you are right NOW. It takes quite a few sparks, glimpses, spine-tingling moments…as a way-of-life which becomes more and more purposeful…more and more without time or space or distance. More and more there is less and less to hide behind. It is not unlike Heaven…and it can become Heaven, with enough insight and genuine love and true appreciation.”

What if, what if, what if?!! It takes a bit of faith – “for faith we might have, unto the jester of light, in the comedy of reflections…as we stand upon this stage, in awe of, endless, encompassing all.” (Copyright 2011) — Dr. Glen Hepker 

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4 thoughts on “Do you want to get a ‘buzz’ on? ALL of the time? With no assistance? Naturally…no cheating?

  1. What if, is a question we often ask of our self, without really realizing what we are doing. what if my faith was so strong I could move mountains, what if my faith was strong enough that I had healing hands. what if……


  2. I’ve been having more and more of those sinpe-tingly moments as I get older. Sometimes they’re so beautiful it’s almost unbearable. I don’t think the human body can tolerate the full load of love and gratitude.


    • Such great stuff, Christa – a significant aspect of your genuine health and well-being. It is really important to make certain that you take a lot of truly deep breaths when this happens. This mediates the intensity of the bio-electric feelings, e.g., in a VERY healthful fashion. Thanks so much for sharing – please know it so truly means a lot. Brightest of blessings to you in this and all things. – Glen


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