How scarey can a ‘glimpse’ of Heaven be?

All of the time, there are amazing magical things going on within the living stories of our internal and external environments – which we are not trained to be aware of, and/or choose to ignore. These gifts, these blessings are right in front of us, even within us, ALL of the time. But sadly, we fool ourselves into thinking/acting as if we know a lot, when, in fact we know SO little from this view, the stance from this stagnant plateau (which can be like a purgatory, a living death).

Lost in the comedy and drama of what so often is our fear or self-loathing, the unhealthful perceived comfort in this stagnant view of the world is a most pernicious of addictions: We are afraid to witness the magical gifts in this, our living story. We are too frightened to look through a new and unblemished lens, one which can assist us in appreciating much more bright, healthful, and deeper lights. We are often closed to the truly quintessential gift of ongoing change – a dynamic within us and outside of us…reflecting back and forth, from us outward and back…countless times each moment, each day.

Nothing may be more difficult than embracing healthful change, but there is hope: It IS possible to gather together the levels of deep gratitude and true effort requisite in embracing healthful levels of change and growth…true appreciation for the magical gifts in what we CAN make our living LOVING story…going on ALL AROUND US, and IN US, all, or most of the time. This IS true honesty – needing less and less to hide behind…a level of objective insight which is a significant measure of true health through true responsibility. It IS true happiness and true freedom…a ‘glimpse of Heaven’ (which, with a LOT of ongoing work, can evolve into sparkling spine-tingling/shivering ‘glimpses’ as a way of life). — Dr. Glen Hepker

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