Why is it a blessing that ‘there is nothing perfect on this earth?’

An excerpt from Chapter X – The True Responsibility of Supporting Others – from my book, A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health…

“It may be accurately said that “there is nothing perfect on this earth,” albeit employment of healthful loving compassion in our support of others may be among those things that are ‘as close as it gets.’ In these traditions, realistic and compassionate support of others is a common means by which to enjoy those wonderful ‘spine-tingling’ feelings, coined herein as one aspect of a glimpse of heaven. As opportunities arise in which we can allow ourselves the true freedom to support others in their ability to succeed, we may learn to objectively witness, grasp…a true appreciation of the miracle of the moment.

In our interactions with others, special moments, opportunities, manifest regularly…even if we have developed an unhealthful habit of ignoring them…these gifts. During difficult times in our lives, it is likely that we gravitate less and less toward being kind and compassionate. Even so, is it possible that we can raise ourselves back up to land-level (and beyond) by reaching out with selfless compassion and honest empathy? Change is difficult, but we can always succeed if we never give up trying. How much sincere critically thought-out and/or justified doubt is there in this?

We have a responsibility to ourselves to overcome or outgrow our demons. We allow them to haunt us and it is unlikely that there is a more effective means to deal with them…than to display compassionate empathy and healthful support toward others. When we selflessly support the ability of others to realize success in their healthful objectives, there is nothing more healing, more compassionate that we can do for ourselves. It is this selflessness that is the key that unlocks the door to true health…the living embodiment of the notion of Acting Without Acting, e.g., doing the right thing for the right sake – without the need for selfish recognition.

Displaying a genuine substantial level of selflessness is not an easy task, and it may be easy to fool ourselves into thinking that we are ‘not looking for recognition.’ Exercising selfless good is a skill which needs to be nurtured, and the more and more we succeed, the more and more (accordingly) we will recognize that there is no need for recognition and/or reward: Witnessing true health in an unblemished fashion, in ourselves and in others, is of and within itself, what life can be about, at its most wonderful best. It is a glimpse of heaven.

Would the world be a much different and better place if more and more people sincerely learned to selflessly support each others’ ability to succeed in healthful endeavors…more and more people being raised to do so…the model becoming the norm? Would this be one aspect of true happiness – on an ever-broadening scale? Who can ethically argue that such a level of emotional and spiritual well-being would not be a good thing? When we learn to better and better (healthfully) believe in ourselves and others, we may learn to better appreciate our ability to achieve greater levels of mastery in more and more areas of our lives: We can take more and more responsibility for ourselves – becoming more and more educated – more adept at objective/critical thinking – more stable emotionally, physically, and spiritually by taking better care of ourselves. This may be among the most healthful levels of selfless responsibility which could prompt humankind to evolve to higher levels of awareness: If a greater and greater number of people could realize true mastery in personal growth and responsibility, then it is likely that more and more could appreciate another exceedingly important gift…that here on earth, there is always room for improvement – greater and greater levels of mastery and responsibility. To be fair, such levels of determination and effort can be very scary premises to ponder.” — Dr. Glen Hepker


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6 thoughts on “Why is it a blessing that ‘there is nothing perfect on this earth?’

  1. I am still working on acting without acting. A recent post mentioned Ghandi. He rooted himself in spirit and provoked the status quo through actions. I think of Vandana Shiva. She is very educated and grounded in spirit. She spends a lot of time creating seeds banks. It does seem that if we root ourselves in spirit directed actions, the world does change. So, I do respectfully ask , help me out once more with acting without acting. Solely, focusing on my spirit and body improvements still falls short for me.


    • Thanks so very much for sharing, Bridget. Please know it so genuinely means a lot.

      ‘Acting without acting’ may be among the most difficult of all endeavors, to say the least. It simply requires mindful effort (mindfulness in focusing on one’s intentions in real time), and doing it until it works (and then more and more as a way of life). Please don’t hesitate to inquire further, if this doesn’t make sense or if you have further questions. – Glen


  2. I am glad you’ve addressed this point, ‘it may be easy to fool ourselves into thinking that we are ‘not looking for recognition.’

    This is very true. Our ego has natural tendency to seek praise, vindication, and triumph over others. Even when we think we are being selfless, there can be a lurking part of subconscious that has selfish ulterior motives.

    I find the best way to combat this problem is to concentrate on the oneness of all things. If all persons are part of me, how could I want to do anything but selflessly help them? Helping them is helping me.

    And vice versa. Taking care of myself is taking care of others. You won’t have anything left to give if you aren’t mindful of your body and soul’s needs.

    Everyone deserves all things, and there is plenty to go around for all.

    As always, thanks for being so generous with your inspirational writing, Glen.


    • You’re so ever quite welcome, Christa – AND thanks so very much also to you, inclusive of sharing your such impeccable insights. Please know it genuinely means a lot, to say the least. It is quite clear that you succinctly understand this dynamic, and you make the world a much better place through your such bright/splendid effort and outlook. Thanks for brightening up an already great day. – Glen


  3. Very insightful… I have long know the key to health… Mother Theresa… The older I get the less I seem to need recognition, save the running joke my wife and I have when I make the bed ;-). At 48 years old, I am only just scratching the surface of healthful living…and if age allows, will continue to shape my outreach to better my reach in. The inside health of a person is marked by the outreach one soul to another…. Slainte Mhath. Irish Gaelic for Good Health…


    • Wow(!), so quite splendid, John. It is clear that you enjoy significant insight into this dynamic, to say the least. Thanks so very much for sharing. Please know it truly means a lot. – Glen


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