What is requisite in realizing broad beneficial changes in our cultural outlook with regard to health and wellness, and our responsibility as such?

“Glen, in your opinion, what would it take to prompt radical society-wide changes toward truly substantial improvement in our overall health/wellness status (in our broad popular culture)?” (An inquiry from a reader of my book and blogs.)

Response: Humbly and respectfully, I believe that we need to institute mandatory nutritional classes in primary and secondary schools, as part of the ‘physical education’ curriculum. To complement this dynamic, there must be a movement therein to make an adjustment to the popular culture’s notion of physical education as primarily a setting for competitive sports (only a small minority of school children fit well within the competitive popular sport venue). Such sports can remain for those who fit well within that setting. In such a program, it would also be of significant importance to teach stress/anxiety-controlling practices and remedies, possibly inclusive of even refined meditation and all-of-the-time diaphragmatic breathing.

As set forth in my book, physical education in schools needs to promote a philosophical and practical curriculum for realization of true health: a genuinely healthful dietary, exercise/mobility, and stress/anxiety-controlling WAY OF LIFE is the key to taking true responsibility for our own health and well-being (and thus best avoiding chronic illness). ‘Lightning bolts’ may still strike…we all have genetic propensities toward realization of various maladies, but they will quite likely strike less and less as we ongoingly work to improve and take responsibility for our health and well-being. Again, humbly and respectfully, in most cases NOT taking true responsibility, as such, may be the REAL disease. Eventually, we would not have a so-called healthcare crisis if this outlook became the norm in school P.E. settings. In addition, the financial costs would fall dramatically, becoming less and less of a burden.

I realize this may all sound silly, on multiple levels, when considering our contemporary state-of-affairs. Albeit, this IS what is needed in order to provoke profound beneficial changes in the cultural dynamic. — Dr. Glen Hepker 


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