What is important about ‘accumulation of light (AND lightness)?’ Please take a look.

An excerpt from Chapter V (The Theory of Lightness: The Spiritual Facet) of my book – A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health…
“The spiritual facet of The Theory of Lightness is another significant aspect of the notion of true health. According to these traditions, substantive philosophical insight and practical application into and of the spiritual tenet of the Theory of Lightness has a direct relationship to genuine objective clarity, e.g., true meditation. It is an ultimate lightness of being – or more succinctly, the mind, body, and spirit. As with all aspects of the ‘theory of lightness,’ the realization of this high level of objective insight and true relaxation is inclusive of clearing the mind of thought. It is ‘playing the part of the perfect witness.’

During such practice, cyclical or scattered thinking weights us down and promotes anxiety and tension. As addressed in the previous chapter, the clear and unblemished witness may be at liberty to view their internal and external environments in an open and non-judgmental fashion which is consistent with true health: Witnessing is without opinion, precognition, preprogrammed or preset patterns of thinking – also coined as true freedom. This is a state in which one is not bogged down by heavy craving and desire which promote realization of misery and anxiety.

The spiritual facet of the theory of lightness takes these notions a bit further. Therein, a greater and greater appreciation of the miracle and gift of each moment can be realized: A state of lightness, a clear and meditative awareness of witnessing/realizing the true health in and of the traditional notion of no yesterday, no today, no tomorrow. This is in significant contrast with ‘living for the moment’ – it IS living in the moment. It is true appreciation of the miracle of the moment…the miracle of being: At the risk of being redundant, it is unblemished objective insight into one’s internal and external environments. As is commonly said, and additionally congruent with these traditions, ‘nothing is perfect on this Earth’ – if there is a Heaven, then this is a health-promoting unblemished fleeting glimpse of perfection – a glimpse of Heaven.

Comparatively speaking, there is a notion of heaven in Christian teachings which is pertinent to the notions herein. It relates that, if one has a loved one, friend, or acquaintance who dies, the time in which it takes for them to see you again will be (from their perspective) “the blink of an eye” – even if you yourself live (yet) for years or decades. In traditions rooted in the health and wellness arts I teach and coach, there is a similar notion: If there is a Heaven, then it is a place where there is no time, no space, no distance – AND so-to-speak, nothing to hide behind – no room for deceit – no lying to oneself or others. All is known – no yesterday, no today, no tomorrow. Relative to this earthly existence, everything one has done and will ever do – in Heaven (it) is known. In realization of the genuine objective clarity of true meditation, we may catch a glimpse. What could be healthier? What insight could be more substantive to our true health than knowing that there is a place (once again – so-to-speak) where all knowledge and every level of possible awareness will be singularly intrinsic to that nature of being? It is the traditional notion of a Glimpse of Heaven, also known as the Accumulation of Light; Opening the Door; Parting the Veil; Playing the Part of the Perfect Witness; Visual Meditative Demeanor; Bioelectric Sensory Awareness.

Similar to modern empirical theory, the theory of lightness sets forth (from a purely philosophical non-scientific perspective) old notions directly displaying of an unintended association with the “Theory of Light” (hence the Theory of ‘Light-ness’ and the notion of ‘no time, no space, no distance’ – at the speed of light). A state of being in such a status (Heaven) is traditionally believed to be in complete congruence with notions spoke of in earlier chapters, e.g., the Same Boat Theory, Acting Without Acting, and the True Responsibility of Healthful Interaction: In enjoying insight into the notion of true health, it is essential that we realize the importance of displaying ourselves in a fashion consistent with an awareness that we are all in the same boat – that we should truly try to do the right thing for the right sake without the need for selfish recognition – that we should endeavor to treat others with dignity, decency, goodness, and grace – and should genuinely work toward taking true responsibility for our own health and wellbeing. This lightness of being is the opposite of a heaviness of being – being weighted-down by our addiction to unhealthful thinking and/or habits. Our wherewithal to gravitate more toward one end of this spectrum or the other is a true gauge, a reflection of the nature of our emotional/mental, spiritual, and physical health.

In closing, I believe I am aware that discussions of spiritual matters can promote controversy. In taking a ‘glimpse’ at the spiritual facet of this theory, please know that the concepts herein are not meant to compete or conflict with anyone’s personal beliefs. Quite the contrary. The concepts herein are rooted in a traditional and healthful philosophical way-of-life, and are meant in a compassionate and loving fashion of being which is inclusive and congruent with a truly SINCERE sense of dignity, decency, goodness, and grace. Nothing is more important. Not even a glimpse of Heaven.” — Dr. Glen Hepker (Copyright 2011)







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