How many miracles can we handle?

An excerpt from Chapter VII – True Appreciation of the Miracle of the Moment – out of my book, A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health…

“Most of us enjoy an awareness and appreciation for what we perceive to be major life-altering miracles: a life or lives being saved in a disaster, wonderful medical breakthroughs, great spiritual or religious events, etc. Certainly, many would agree
that the manifestation of these circumstances is miraculous – often beyond measure. After all, that is why we coin them as such: “true miracles.” The primary thesis of ‘true appreciation of the miracle of the moment’ displays no impetus toward competing with that notion: it simply implies that there are true miracles, by the tens of thousands each day, that most of us choose to ignore. These miracles are no less so – true miracles. According to this theory, awareness and true appreciation of these miracles, or the lack thereof, is a gauge of true health.

The notion that, each moment, we are living, breathing, thinking/intelligent, free-willed functioning beings, on a lava-filled rock/planet which supports us while we act out our innumerable comedies and dramas on its surface/stage setting, while spinning at 1000 miles per hour, traveling through space at an average of 66,000 miles per hour around a star, in a solar system tuned like a clock, in a galaxy in a universe moving at least at the speed of light, means, when one views it objectively, that each moment is by any rational and appreciative standard, a miracle without measure. And truly, this is just one example of the innumerable blessings for which we can choose to be appreciative of in our lives: Just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ so-to-speak.

No matter how difficult life is for us, no matter the many ‘thorns in our side’ in our daily lives, how dare we not appreciate the gift of each moment for the miracles that they are? Why do we not feel a deep and abiding rational, emotional, and even spiritual appreciation for each moment, in each moment?

It is likely true, that much of the time, each of us is ‘lost within ourselves’ – in our anxiety, in our sadness – not even knowing to, let alone wanting to be, objective and insightful – unwilling to ‘reach out of ourselves,’ our own ‘little bubble,’ our faulty private logic, our unhealthy habits, our addictive behavior. Such issues may be reasons to ignore the miracle of each moment. Albeit, they are not valid excuses…No Matter What. In the traditions of true health, nothing is more important than learning to embrace our discomfort as much as our comfort – to substantively face our internal problems so we can mature beyond them.

Even the most fundamental things, moments, are profound miracles – not just potential miracles. The ability to sit there and read this is a miracle. The ability to have a conversation with someone is a miracle. The ability to agree to disagree ‘without wanting to kill each other’ is a miracle. An appreciative awareness that we are all in the same boat, is a ‘really big’ miracle.

If all of this is true, then perhaps the greatest gift and miracle of all is the ability to love – deep abiding love of others, but most particularly, a truly healthful love of oneself. Is it possible that if we can realize true love of the self, that we can also realize true appreciation? By employing genuine effort, can we enjoy a peace of mind in which we can take true responsibility for our own health and wellbeing? Wouldn’t our world, The World, be a much better and different place as such?” — Dr. Glen Hepker



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