Are bullies the real cowards?

Glen, what are your thoughts on the issue of bullying? It is steeped in fear and ignorance. Is it taught? Generational? (An inquiry from a reader of my book and blogs.)

Response: Speaking as a trained psychologist, studies show that bullying (being a most pernicious form of cowardice) is both learned and passed down. In this and many fashions, it is not unlike all forms of abuse/abusive behavior. Bullying is rooted in hate, greed, ignorance, pride…and is the cause of most of the wars and famines throughout human history. The wars and famines of our spirits are reflected back and forth between each of us and the greater world. It is of significant import that our popular culture learn to view bullies as cowards…bullies would not bully if they thought that they might come out on the bottom. Congruently (in association), as one of the ‘seven deadly sins,’ pride is the root of the other six. — Dr. Glen Hepker



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