What would life be truly like if one could honestly say…

“If in Heaven I have what I have now, I would be happy?”

What are the consequences of this outlook? This is NOT to say that it is up to any of us to decide what Heaven should or would be like – it certainly is not the point here. The spirit of the (initial) question is most particularly congruent with “What level of ‘true health’ would we have to realize/enjoy, before we could honestly make such statement.” What level of ‘true responsibility’ are we willing take take…to enforce? Is it our (even dire/true) responsibility to make the world a better place (as such)? Consistent with this outlook, it IS believed that most of us have the ability to do this…we already have the gifts/blessings we need to do so.

Humbly and respectfully in the ages-old health/wellness philosophy that I teach, coach, and endeavor to follow, it is so VERY much about a deep altruistic spirit of true appreciation in living our lives as a LIVING LOVING ART FORM. This level of benevolent gratitude is a splendid healing mechanism unto itself…even a quintessential form of preventative medicine. It can allow us a level of true freedom which is so VERY light and almost perfectly free of the heavy crepuscular weight of addiction to unhealthful expectation, entitlement, desire, craving, AND fear of healthful change.

What level of honesty and objective insight does this necessitate? How healthful do we want to be? In my arts it is said that such a healthful way of life is requisite of ‘true honesty,’ promoting of ‘true happiness’ and ‘true freedom’…but most importantly, needing less and less (and less!) to hide behind. Such a healthful way of life is consistent with the true effort to realize life as genuine ‘work of art.’ It is Acting Without Acting – endeavoring to do the right thing for the right selfless sake. It is lovingly, selflessly, honestly, and appreciatively learning to play the part of the less and less blemished ‘witness.’ It is being more and more mindful, meditative, AND ‘light’ of addiction to our fear of healthful change (AND light of the potentially pernicious fear of what things can really look like in reflection…our reflection inwardly and outwardly).

What does all of this mean in practical application in our daily lives? It is up to you and I to decide for ourselves. But there is a traditional ‘hint’ which is given, e.g.: ‘It is NOT about some far-flung time/goal/objective to accomplish/reach in some mysterious future…it IS about right NOW.’ It is about being ‘present’ and loving and deeply appreciative right now, this moment, nothing more and nothing less. IF we are willing to ‘look,’ it just might be a beyond splendid/beyond words ‘glimpse of Heaven.’

Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” In Christianity, there is an old saying we’ve likely all heard – “God helps them that help themselves.”

Just one more point to make, e.g., what could make one feel more light than the ‘light’ and ‘lightness’ of ‘true forgiveness?’ I am not here to set forth religious tenets, albeit I can’t think of a more genuinely impeccable example of such forgiveness, e.g., as Christ was dying on the cross he said, “Forgive them…for they know not what they do.” Oh boy – if this isn’t true health then what is?! Quite humbly and respectfully, he was one heck of a mentor. — Dr. Glen Hepker







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