What might be a deeply healthful outlook with regard to emotional, physical, and spiritual dynamics in sexual relationships?

“Speaking quite respectfully, do you think our society cheapens (the blessing in our lives which involves) sexual relations, often ignoring the brightest and most beautiful aspects of these ‘gifts?’ Do you believe that sexual relationships can involve a genuinely healthful appreciation of physical, emotional, and spiritual love?” (An inquiry from a reader of my book and blog.)

Response: Ideally, I believe it is a deeply loving and altruistic amalgamation of all three facets of being – physical, emotional, and spiritual. We are splendidly blessed to have these wonderful blessings/gifts in our lives, most particularly if we wish to take responsibility and benevolently appreciate them.

It seems that most never allow themselves to embrace this so-splendid gift in a truly healthful fashion (e.g., a resplendent amalgamation of abidingly DEEP emotional and spiritual love in the practice of sexual dynamics). The physical aspects of such intimacy are so quite important, but even more important is the spirit/heart, e.g., the spirit by which one goes about what one does…most particularly when one’s spirit is full of a deeply healthful spirit of altruism and generosity.

This is something that cannot be easily explained through words, but at best, witnessed, experienced, and practiced. Strategically, yet altruistically, it is witnessing and taking part in the living loving story of one’s life, vs. the opposite, being only a pawn to the story of one’s life. Such resplendent love, i.e., consistent with a substantively genuine mien of true appreciation/selfless gratitude, is a significant aspect of a genuinely healthful way of life. It is the right thing for the right sake…it is ‘true health.’ There are magical things going on (not parlor trick magic) inside us, and all around us all of the time. Again, QUITE humbly and respectfully, a majority of us seems not to be trained in, appreciative of, or simply is uncaring of, these so quintessential blessings.

Quite humbly and respectfully, I wholeheartedly believe that the most important foundation of a truly healthful spirit (which can lead one to a truly healthful spirituality), is a living loving spirit of dignity, decency, goodness, and grace – EVEN within the dynamics of sexual relationships. In all aspects of human interaction, it is the difference between thriving vs. just surviving.

We CAN learn to take ownership of the challenges which will allow us truly substantive growth and deeper and deeper objective insight – growth which provokes bright beautiful sparkling spine-tingling/shivering glimpses of a level of genuine love, within which there is NOTHING to hide behind. Again, PLEASE know I say this in a ‘spirit’ of respect and humility.  — Dr. Glen Hepker











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