What might it be to be more and more healthful conduits between Heaven and Earth?

*This is in speaking to comments from Suni Pele Nelson, who responded to my earlier blog post, i.e., “Is it possible that a ‘WAY’ deep, loving, altruistic spirit of TRUE APPRECIATION (I’m ‘talkin’ the real deal’ here!) could be THE ‘magic elixir’ in realizing substantive health and healing, i.e., emotionally, physically, and spiritually?” – from Oct. 17, 2013

From Suni: “Hi Glen, certainly a positive statement to health. What seems true to me is that connection to life force/source energy is imperative to have the energy flow within our physical & subtle bodies to restore health; thus communication stream is at one with consciousness of nature, planet, cosmos. Positive thoughts & love from heart seem to be a part of that as you state. What do you think? Deep down, I know we all have the capability of healing ourselves of discordant information, separation which will be revealed soon enough; maybe even by science.”

Response: What you are speaking to is succinctly associated with ALL of the central features of the ages-old traditions that I teach, coach, and endeavor to (hopefully humbly) follow. In those arts, what you speak of is a significant aspect of what we coin as the Theory of Lightness (not to be confused with the Theory of Light (though actually there are some logical similarities).

The more healthful we are, i.e., emotionally, physically, and spiritually, the more splendid the quality in which we are conduits of quantum current/energy moving back and forth between (and of) the heavens/Heaven, and Earth. In living things, this can be coined as bio-electric current (chi/ki/pranha). The more and more healthful we are, the lighter and lighter we are (in effect) and feel (vs. pernicious unhealthful heaviness), emotionally, physically, and spiritually…consistently more and more absorbing and transmitting of healthful energy.

Accordingly, in our associated ancient Taoist, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions, this energy (in living things – bio-electric current and simply, electric current in ‘inanimate’ matter) is similar to what contemporary empiricists coin as ‘dark energy (some modern empiricists have been studying such theory in the ancient texts of these traditions).’ In the same ages-old traditions, what contemporary empiricists coin as ‘dark matter,’ is similar to a ‘spiritual’ existence, i.e., what can be termed as Heaven…a so-to-speak existence in which there is no time, no space, no distance…but most importantly, nothing to hide behind (hence all is known).

PLEASE know I set forth these thoughts humbly and respectfully…it is VERY important to me that you know that I don’t present this in a spirit of selling or pushing this outlook…how dare I if I did! I am ONLY sharing. Such issues as these are traditionally not often spoke of – such things may possibly be better understood (if they are worth understanding!) by each willing person/student of life, i.e., who works at becoming a more and more genuinely honest unblemished Witness (learning to better and better live life as a living loving art form).

What is the importance of becoming more and more healthful…more and more splendidly healthful ‘conduits’ between Heaven and Earth? In these ages-old traditions, it has a LOT to do with why we are here. First and foremost, it is SO much about a deep, abiding, sparkling spine-tingling/shivering, loving spirit of true appreciation, more and more each moment, more and more as a way of life (true appreciation/gratitude as potentially the most profound of healing mechanisms). This is requisite of true honesty, promoting of true happiness and true freedom (free and light of the terrible weight of craving, desire, and fear of healthful change) – once again, needing less and less to hide behind. It IS the right thing for the right selfless sake – a SO healthful ‘glimpse of Heaven!’ Oh boy! It is SO much about true health through true responsibility.

“Bestow a string of faith, for faith we might have – unto the jester of light, in the comedy of reflections, as we stand upon this stage, in awe of, endless, encompassing, all.” (Copyright 2011)

Thanks so very much for sharing your such splendid insight, Sunni! Brightest of blessings in your evening — Dr. Glen Hepker







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