What?! No pushiness, no selling, no proselytizing, no crusading zeal?! Oh boy!

Glen, I’ve often seen you express that you don’t believe it is right for you to “argue or debate” anything, including your traditional philosophy (unless on occasion, in being confronted by “hate, greed, or ignorance,” and even then, there being a “fine line,” you have said). Why is this (an inquiry from a reader of my blog)?

In speaking ONLY for myself (and consistent with the ages-old health/wellness arts/philosophy that I teach, coach, and (hopefully) humbly endeavor to follow), I DON’T believe that my outlook is more important, ‘special,’ or better than just about anyone else’s…AND how dare I if I did! In (me) speaking to the point in that fashion, some may ask, “how can you believe in something that you don’t believe is ‘more important, special, or better?'” Humbly and respectfully, my responses to that and even your inquiry are:

~ I genuinely don’t believe I am anyone “more important, special, or better “than even a ‘drunk in the (proverbial or genuine) gutter (and I am not saying this in ANY way in a self-demeaning fashion).'”

~ It is NOT for me to convince anyone of anything; I am ONLY sharing…sharing a philosophy that I believe is aptly coined, i.e., the Bright Beautiful School of Thought/Ming Chia – I don’t take credit for it, i.e., I ONLY learned it and once again, do not believe it is superior to most other belief systems – once again again(!), how dare I if I did.

~ I have no desire to convince anyone of anything…I am not a ‘light’ who believes I have a dire responsibility to sell, push, or evangelize MY (oh boy!) light on anyone (in most cases I mean this with no disrespect toward anyone who does consider themselves an evangelist).

~ In my arts, it is traditional that one (inclusive of a silly fellow like me?!) can educate/share with the willing, but NEVER in a spirit of competition, ‘one-upmanship,’ coercion, or to control -I share and discuss with those who ask questions/inquire and I instruct students who ask/have a desire to learn; questions are a splendid gift/blessing – most especially when they are asked in a loving, respectful, and altruistic spirit.

~ It is NOT up to me to tell people how to be, it is up to me (if I choose) to share and discuss, IF there are interested parties as such.

This philosophy that I share IS a genuinely loving, altruistic, and gracious health/wellness school of thought. It is respective of and can humbly complement all truly well-meaning belief systems, i.e., most especially/easily those NOT in the ‘here-and-now’ made up of substantive amounts of hate, greed, or ignorance (I say “substantive amounts” because we are human beings and we obviously have some level of tendencies to really ‘screw things up’ sometimes. History proves this…but hopefully we will evolve more and more together as a whole group, over time. Accordingly, it is SO much (herein) about ‘true health through true responsibility’: “The world would be a much better and different place as more and more people learn to embrace the notion of taking true responsibility for their own health and well-being.”

With all my heart, I mean this in the living loving spirit of the central features of this school of thought:

~ “Endeavoring to treat others with dignity, decency, goodness, and grace…and figuring out HOW to mean it, no matter what.

~ Endeavoring to do the right thing for the right sake…without the need for selfish recognition or hidden agendas.

~ Embracing the notion that the primary fault of humankind is the notion that you are there and I am here – that we are all so much more in the same common ‘boat’ than we often think and act.

~ Endeavoring to embrace the ‘true responsibility of supporting others in their HEALTHFUL goals.”

— Dr. Glen Hepker (Copyright 2011)







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2 thoughts on “What?! No pushiness, no selling, no proselytizing, no crusading zeal?! Oh boy!

  1. It is a one-upmanship world and people are surprised if you’re not trying to outshout anybody else. Ultimately people have to discover what their truth is themselves although the can be helped along the way…
    Thanks for an illuminating post.


    • You’re so EVER quite welcome, Olga! Thanks so VERY much for sharing your impeccable outlook, my friend – I wholeheartedly agree. You are making the world a much better place through your resplendent insight and effort. Brightest of blessings in your day – Glen


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