What can we do about the ‘ruts’ we get stuck in? Oh boy!

Glen, do you have some tips on how to get out of and move forward from being in a rut (a question from a reader of my blog)?

Response: I wholeheartedly believe it is of significant importance that we realize that we are ALL in the same common ‘boat’ in this dynamic. Humbly and respectfully, I believe that getting stuck on stagnant plateaus, if stuck long enough, can be (not in the spirit of speaking harshly) like a living death/purgatory. It is consistent with an unhealthful lack of genuine appreciation for the miracles/gifts which are bestowed upon us…inside of us and ALL around us all-of-the-time. I believe it requires significant levels of mindfulness/effort to learn again to embrace a deep sense of true appreciation of the miracle of each moment.

Speaking ONLY for myself, I wholeheartedly believe this outlook is consistent with a wonderfully healthful spirit of doing the ‘right thing for the right selfless sake,’ i.e., in saying, ‘how dare I if I don’t!’ This dynamic is inclusive of the notion that a genuine gauge of true health can be realized in a deep and abiding awareness of one’s true responsibility in making the world a better place (each and every day, more and more and more each moment).

This is difficult stuff, it is lifelong, yet it may be among the greatest of gifts on this Earth. For the willing, it is in the splendid spirit of true honesty, promoting of true happiness and true freedom…but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind. — Dr. Glen Hepker











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