Does meditation have to be just when one is sitting down, as is often commonly accepted?

Humbly and respectfully, in the ages-old traditions that I teach, coach, and endeavor to follow, meditation and mindfulness may begin with sitting quietly (hopefully without distractions) – albeit, as one becomes more and more skilled one can enjoy a meditative demeanor, a more and more altruistic and benevolent sense of mindfulness within most of one’s activities in life. As a bridge to connect-the-healthful-dots, it can for instance, be inclusive of tai chi chuan, chi kung, and yoga as forms of moving meditation (all of these arts are very old, but yoga is the oldest). In learning these arts well, one will witness many associated attributes blossoming into all aspects of one’s life…like a lotus flower which blossoms beautifully, more and more so.

This such healthful deportment can become more and more a way of life. In my traditions and so many similar ones, being ‘present’ can succinctly prove to promote greater and greater levels of objective insight…in my specific arts we coin it as learning to (genuinely/honestly) play the part of the less and less blemished Witness to one’s internal and external environments. In such Witnessing, it is commonly set forth that it is SO important to benevolently and appreciatively embrace the notion that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Furthermore, this (in the splendid mien of mindfulness) is considered to be among the most quintessential blessings/gifts, i.e., vs. getting stuck on stagnant plateaus which can be like a living death.

In my arts, we sometimes speak of the loving “bio-electric sparkling spine-tingling feelings” which can eventually be provoked at will…which are coined as ‘glimpses of Heaven,’ or what it may feel like in Heaven (this is truly meant with humility). The goal is to learn to mindfully focus these resplendent feelings, and use them in various forms of meditative guided imagery (aka ‘chi,’ ‘ki,’ ‘pranha’). It is to ‘fan the furnace’ of bio-electric ‘dark energy’ and learn to more and more do so at will. In an altruistic spirit, it is set forth and viewed as a significant facet of true/genuine health.

This level of mindfulness can become just as strong when one is interacting with one’s world, with others. Displaying dignity, decency, goodness, and grace in our interactions (and figuring out how to TRULY mean it) is a wonderful attribute of deep and abiding mindfulness. We can realize more and more deeply that we are SO very much more in the same common boat than we often think and act. We can realize that it is a simpler matter to do the right thing for the right selfless sake. We can more so realize it is a wonderful thing to support others in their (healthful) goals.

The following saying addresses the issue of mindfulness and true appreciation:

The Lotus Flower Blossoms:

“There is a place where, wherever you are there, whatever you are doing…no matter what, in any given moment, there should be nowhere you would rather be. It is where you are right now – and you have the ability to so deeply and artfully appreciate your life and its living…to connect one healthful insight to the next, and make them all one…learning to witness this already-existing truth.

In the wilderness of our existence…a place of budding flowers about, about to unwrap in a showing of perfect appreciation for all to thrive upon, we are the flowers which can blossom again and again in each season of our deeper and deeper insights…all connected…each better and more healthful than before.

It is not unlike Heaven…and it can become Heaven, with enough insight and appreciation. It takes quite a few sparks, glimpses – spine-tingling moments…as a way-of-life which becomes more and more purposeful…more and more without time or space or distance. More and more there is less and less to hide behind.” — Dr. Glen Hepker (Copyright 2011) 


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3 thoughts on “Does meditation have to be just when one is sitting down, as is often commonly accepted?

    • Thanks so VERY much, Olga! Yes, we are all in the same common boat in this, there is always room for improvement. It is something we can all work for, a means by which to make the world a better place. Brightest of blessings to you, my friend – Glen


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