What do you think you should ask God to do for you?

Discussions/Questions (from readers of my book or in general): Dr. Hepker, how does one get filled with Godness and goodness? What do we need to do and also ask for? Do you believe there is any such key?

Response: Humbly and respectfully, I believe that we have been given all the tools/miracles we need…in order to make our world – THE world a better place.

God has allowed us all of the ‘beyond-measure-blessings’ that we need and should ever want to have. Speaking ONLY for myself (and in a totally non-judgmental spirit), I believe it is wrong of me to ask for more, in ANY way whatsoever (and how dare I if I do). I believe it is all about a deep, abiding, loving, selfless, altruistic True Appreciation of the miracle of the moment…more and more each moment. If there is a Heaven, a ‘key to the universe,’ a ‘sixth sense,’ they are rooted in True Honesty, promoting of True Happiness and True Freedom – but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind. I believe that we have been given all of the necessary gifts in order to realize deeply benevolent and selfless sparkling spine-tingling ‘glimpses of Heaven,’ glimpses of a so-to-speak existence, where there is no time, no space, no distance…no yesterday, no today, no tomorrow, but once again most importantly, NOTHING to hide behind/all is known therein/thereof…all made up of True Love. It is a love beyond, yet inclusive of, familial, friendship, and romantic love.

“There is a place where, wherever we are there…whatever we are doing…there should be NOWHERE we’d rather be. It can be where we are right now, and each and every moment, if we exercise the True Effort to make it so.” There are countless miracles inside of us, and outside of us, all of the time. Maybe a key to universe is learning to more and more skillfully recognize them.

There may be skills on this Earth that are !WAY! beyond what we see as skills, in any common sense of the term. What if there are skills which are so genuinely, so beautifully BEYOND just being able to easily name them; little-perceived HIGHLY refined skills that literally take decades, if not a lifetime to even BEGIN to get good at? Our popular culture clearly does not see it this way…albeit each one of us does have the ability and wherewithal to realize this level of True Mastery and grace. It will sound backward – albeit it ISN’T, i.e., the most important aspect of realizing such levels of mastery, may be found in the splendidly wonderful blessing that there is ALWAYS room for improvement on this Earth. There is always room for us to be more and more masterful in connecting-the-healthful-dots…deeply embracing healthful change – versus (not in the spirit of sounding harsh) the living death of getting ongoingly stuck on stagnant plateaus.

What greater level of True Appreciation can there be…than in taking True Responsibility for our own health and wellbeing? Doing so may be the difference between just being a pawn in the story of our lives – versus learning to better and better learn to Witness the LIVING LOVING story of our lives. In a deeply loving spirit of utmost empathy and selflessness, the Bright Beautiful School of Thought sets forth that this is only possible WHEN embracing the splendid notion of Acting Without Acting – doing the right thing for the right sake, without the need for selfish recognition of hidden agendas. It is looking beyond and being without the weight of the pernicious and inimical ‘walls of lies.’ – Dr. Glen Hepker









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