A so-splendid review of my book by Michal, who is currently in medical school in Italy.

Dear Dr. Glen Hepker,


I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your book. I liked the concept about doing good for the sake of good (as opposed to doing good for the recognition). I also really liked the part about success being a product of a person’s unwillingness to give up. I actually smiled reading that part because, had I read your book before I initially e-mailed you, I would have gotten an earlier boost to keep going! But I agree that in this day and age, we want things NOW, we feel that happiness means being devoid of obstacles — and that was the stage I had been stuck in for the past few years of my life. It’s amazing reading a passage like that quickly snapped me out of that mentality, and for that I thank you. In fact, I have finally made peace with the fact that I’m taking an extra year to complete medical school. Perhaps forensics may be in my future or even work with adolescents — but either way, it’s reading books like yours that really help people like me who are experiencing internal struggles along the way of their life’s journey. Most importantly, it is a strong belief of mine that people can ALWAYS be better than they already are, without taking away from their beauty. I was actually raised with the mentality that growth is linear (per my dad), but I also believe it is important to deliver that type of message in a gentle way. In this light, your book really achieved that. Again, thank you. 



I intend to one day (in the far future) come visit your wellness center in Iowa. It seems like a very positive place to work on one’s personal growth. 


All the very best to you,





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