A so-splendid review of my book by fellow author Brian M. Hayden…

When I first decided to read “A Glimpse of Heaven”, I thought it was just another “self-help” book. I opened the file and took my requisite quick tour of its pages. I quickly discovered that ”A Glimpse of Heaven” was not just another self – help book. No, Dr Glen Hepker wrote something different. Something special.

The first thing I noticed about the book was its layout. The table of contents describes each chapter. I found that very helpful. Dr. Hepker begins by providing background information, a forward and author’s notes. This was an important step in laying the foundation for the subject matter. The subject matter being, the “Bright Beautiful School of Thought/True Health philosophy”. This, you will learn is rooted deeply in Chinese philosophy.

One of the things I appreciated about this book, is that unlike other “self-help books, “A Glimpse of Heaven” shares knowledge and philosophy instead of listing matter-of-factly do’s and don’t, rules, etc. I felt as if I were in the living room with Dr Hepker, and he was simply talking to me. This fresh approach to sharing knowledge made learning easier.

The concepts of this book may, to some degree be familiar to you. The Golden Rule for one, and chapter XI, True Faith and the Three Portents. You may not recognize the title, but you will recognize the substance of the chapter.

The book is well written and the subject matter expertly presented. The lessons and philosophy clearly work. Dr Hepker is a living example. I have gotten to know Dr Hepker on a social media level, and I can attest to his ardent belief in what he writes.

“A Glimpse of Heaven” is a masterful lesson in life, and should be read by everyone. In these tenuous times in the United States and around the world, I think the people of Earth could use a good dose of what Dr Hepker is offering.






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