Coined “Spine-tingling,” i.e., a five star review of my book by L.G…

“I review and edit books for a living (so please know that I do not say these things casually), but with this wonderful little book, I am posting this informal review because I am in love with it. What initially struck me about the book, is that it is certainly not written in a spirit which is consistent with what has evolved in the publishing industry as the common and highly choreographed `nonfiction publishing-speak.’ The publisher’s book description explains that it is written in a way which “is lovingly passive in its tone (voice and pretense),” and that it “is not self-promoting, self-aggrandizing, or evangelistic. It is a beautiful, superbly benevolent, and exceedingly well-thought-out health and wellness way-of-life (which is humbly devoid of legalistic or religious tendencies or bias). Its voice is untarnished – it never competes or sells.” They said this QUITE WELL: it is truly no joke. The book sincerely sets forth many exceptionally deep and important principles, so much so that one might have to read it at least a few times to begin to acutely appreciate its deeper insights and revelations. Some may pass it off as esoteric, incautiously passing-off their lack of understanding by insinuating that its philosophy requires that readers need some sort of obscure or mysterious knowledge to be able to value it. Nothing could be further from the truth: This is NOT easy stuff. It is demanding and highly challenging to the reader (in a loving humble way) – which is one of the primary points of this philosophy, i.e., “life is difficult.” All said, what most impresses me about this book is its no-joke sense of deep humility. It is one of the beautiful aspects of its tone. My last two points about the book: (1) In setting forth the concept of “True Health through True Responsibility,” the originality of its deeper meaning can easily be missed, i.e., as set forth in a statement by the publisher: “Most especially, this health and wellness philosophy is distinguished by its remarkable, thought-provoking, and ingenious notion of coalescing ethics and morality and deeply-rooted insight/objectivity skills with conceptions of health and wellness, i.e., True Health and/or True Health through True Responsibility. It sets forth that one cannot realize True Health without the necessary and truly skilled attributes of deep insight, morality, clear objectivity – learning the True Skill of being able to look within and without (into one’s internal and external environments), without fear, without preset patterns of thinking. It sets forth the importance of True Honesty – gathering a level of objective insight that introduces one to the notion of not needing anything to hide behind.” (2) This might sound a bit silly and strange, but I don’t care: In reading the book, quite a few times I did experience those “loving, spine-tingling feelings” that the author speaks of. Consequently, but not limited to, this book realized one of its most important goals as I see it, i.e., it did “make the (my) world a better place” on a number of fronts.”


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