What might be a healthful view of the issue(s) of mistakes and failure?

Discussions/Questions (from readers of my book or in general): What is your view on mistakes and failure?

Response: I believe that mistakes are lessons we need to learn. Mistakes AND failure, even if redundant to a point, can provoke splendid growth and deeper and deeper insight. Of course it doesn’t necessarily work out this way, we certainly don’t want to continue to make the same or similar mistakes for a lifetime. Learning to embrace our lessons (and the consequent change which is requisite) is the key which enables us to witness and take part in the living loving story of our lives, vs. just being a pawn to the story of our lives. Ideally, true health can be realized through a deep and abiding true appreciation of the miracle of the moment – more and more each moment. Most ideally, it is learning to better and better view and enjoy life as a living art, even with regard to the mistakes that we make. It is DIFFICULT stuff (requisite of true effort), to say the least. Albeit, that may be among the most splendid of all gifts/blessings…that there is ALWAYS room for improvement, greater and greater objective insight and genuine (loving and selfless) gratitude. It IS the right thing for the right sake, and it is a key to True Health and True Responsibility. — Dr. Glen Hepker




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